5 Weirdest Home Remedies for Plantar Fasciitis


Heel pain can put the huge impact on our everyday activities and ignoring it can end up spending thousands of dollars to cure it. The common pain condition is plantar fasciitis that causes immense pain in the heel and even foot. The condition is common in athletes, elderly people, and overweight people. Those who stand for long hours can also suffer from it.

Treatments like ultrasound, surgery, ESWT can help in curing. However, there are some traditional home remedies as well for its cure. Therefore, one can also try some weird home remedies apart from stretching, ice usage, rest or foot exercises.

Here are the remedies that might seem weird but can give you an unexpected result. So, be ready to try these methods or find other ways shared by this website.

1. Pick marble with toes

Doctors suggest that strengthening your feet can reduce foot pain and anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis can try some foot exercises. A new activity that you can try is to pick marble with toes. To do it, sit in a chair; place some marbles and a water glass on the floor. Pick each marble from the toe and put into a glass. It helps in strengthening your feet muscles and stabilizes the plantar fasciitis ligament.

2. Cover feet with cabbage

Cabbage has great healing power and can be proved effective for your heel pain. To use it, soften few leaves of red cabbage (preferably) on low flame for a while. Donโ€™t overdo it otherwise will break or burn. Place them on the bandage and cover your feet with it. Let it sit overnight. It contains anthocyanin, a pigment that reduces the inflammation and reduces joint pain. You can also use honey with cabbage.

3. Soak in vinegar

One of the common ingredients that are very effective in the variety of ailments is apple cider vinegar. Thus, it is also beneficial for those suffering from plantar fasciitis. Take warm water (6 cups) in a container or tub, add apple cider vinegar (one cup) to it. Place your feet in the tub and soak it for around half an hour. It contains nutrients and minerals such as magnesium that helps in healing of pain.

4. Rub mustard on feet

Massage is effective in plantar fasciitis pain and thus is often recommended. Warm mustard oil enhances the effect of massage and thus is a great home remedy. Warm a tablespoon of oil and apply to your heel and keep massaging in the circular motion for a while. It will relax the muscles of the foot and improve the flow of blood to that area. Similar to apple cider vinegar, it also contains magnesium that gets completely absorbed by the skin.

5. Use Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a super ingredient that is widely used as a home remedy. It is an anti-oxidant and contains mucopolysaccharides. Its anti-inflammatory properties give high benefits and thus can be used for relieving from plantar fasciitis. You can eat it or massage your skin from its leaves.

So, these were some of the weirdest home remedies that can reduce plantar fasciitis pain.