The Truth About Losing Fat: 4 Keys to Success



You've heard a lot of lies about losing fat. The fitness industry is filled with false promises hoping to lure in consumers that will spend every last dime to try and lose fat. But when you realize that nothing seems to be working, it's time to make a change. It makes no sense to continue doing what doesn't work.

2. You Can Lose Fat Without Exercise, But It's Always Better With Exercise

Yes, you can lose fat without exercise. Diet plays a major role in fat loss. If you burn more calories than you consume, you'll lose weight and fat. You can find a fat burner that works and start losing weight today.

But your rate of success goes up when you exercise. Why?

Exercise forces you to burn more calories and expend more energy at the same time. The major problem with losing weight while not exercising is that you'll likely lose muscle, too. If you exercise, you'll burn off fat faster and maintain or build muscle mass at the same time.

3. Pre-Plan for Great Success

Nothing derails fat loss efforts quite like running to your nearest fast food restaurant and eating more than half of your day's calories in one meal. The road to success requires you to pre-plan to some extent. This is where most people run into problems. Pre-planning takes a lot of work, but these plans also lead to the greatest level of success. Your pre-plan may include:

Road map to weight loss

Meal planning

Scheduling in exercise

Start with a plan, and you'll be much more successful when trying to lose weight.

4. High Protein, Low Carbohydrates Works

Carbohydrates turn into sugar and go to your gut. I love bread and pasta, but this is a truth that can't be hidden away any longer. You can still eat carbs, but don't make them the highest proportion of your diet. Protein is the best source of food to add to your diet for fast results. Protein is recommended for a few reasons:

It builds muscle

Protein is harder to breakdown

Since protein is harder to breakdown, your metabolism will work harder to break it down, causing you to burn more calories in the process. One study that followed 100 women found that those that consumed more protein lost weight faster than those who ate higher amounts of carbs at the same total caloric intake.

5. Long-term – Not Short-term – Results Are Best

You can go on a cabbage soup diet and lose weight fast, but you'll also be starving in the process and slowing your metabolism down. Short-term results often lead to a yo-yo diet where you might lose a lot of weight fast, but there's a high chance that the weight will sneak back on just as fast. Long-term efforts are always best. It's better to make positive lifestyle changes that help you lose 20 pounds in 10 months and keep it off rather than lose 20 pounds this month and gain it back in two weeks. Extreme approaches will only last so long before a person breaks and returns to their prior eating habits. If you burn more calories than you consume, you'll lose fat. How you burn these calories is up to you. Lower caloric intake is part of the process, and adding in exercise will simply amplify these efforts.