6 Benefits of Air Frying


There are those of us who make the decision to live a healthy lifestyle and embrace all the sacrifices that go along with it with open arms. Then, there are the rest of us mere mortals, who envision long, gray days filled with celery sticks and sadness. Thankfully, eating clean doesnโ€™t have to be the ultimate martyrdom - thanks to ingenious cooking options like the air fryer.

1. Air fried food Is yummy

While cutting down substantially on oily, fatty foods will go a long way toward keeping you and your family lean and healthy, this doesnโ€™t necessarily mean that you have to give up all your favourite dishes. By simply switching from oil frying to air frying, you can eliminate the large quantities of oil you were previously cooking with, while retaining that crispy golden texture your family has grown to know and love.

2. Air frying saves you time

Whether youโ€™re used to cooking with your oven or your stove, youโ€™re likely familiar with heating up times. Not to mention the preparation involved and the clean up mission that follows. Most air fryers have stacked sections, allowing you to cook several dishes at once, slicing your preparation and cleaning dirty dishes time at least in half.

3. Air frying saves you money

Streamlining your major appliances into one energy-efficient device, your air fryer will save big-time you on utilities. Less oil and less dishes saves you on water, and your grocery bills, too. Not mention a healthy family that spends less time at the doctorโ€™s office - the savings are priceless!

4. Air frying is safe

Unlike a stove or oven which you wouldnโ€™t let your kids used unsupervised, air fryers are very user-friendly and simple to use. They are so simple in fact, you can rest easy on Sunday morning (knowing that your kids will not set the house on fire while they attempt to make you breakfast in bed).

5. Air frying is for everyone

Many of us are not skilled in the kitchen and can even feel intimidated by kitchen appliances. Thankfully, healthy cooking doesnโ€™t need to elude us anymore. This is thanks to the simplicity the air fryer offers. Giving up ramen or take out will be easy, when you discover the amazing, simple, and delicious dishes that the air fryer can cook. All in a fraction of the time and with way less effort than one would usually expect.

6. Air frying makes meal prep fun

Say goodbye to cries of โ€œslaving for hours in a hot kitchenโ€ - those days are gone! No more hot over heating up your kitchen and temper, no more house spent scrubbing greasy pots and pans, no more dreading supper time. Air frying opens you up to new ideas that make the prospect of eating healthy no longer dreary and depressing, but exciting and adventurous.

When it comes to eating healthy - and enjoying it - the air fryer is your best ally! Whether youโ€™re new to the world of cooking, or youโ€™re a seasoned chef, the air fryer can simplify your life.