Keto diet plan: The perfect fat burning diet


You may probably be irritated with the fat that has accumulated in your body and with your friends teasing all the time for being obese. You may have resorted to performing various types of rigorous exercises and also has reduced intake of food to a significant extent. But, the desired results might not be derived and the dream to become slim like the favorite Hollywood actor will probably remain a dream.

You may rather be interested in a diet that can help to burn excess fat rapidly using your body’s natural metabolism. In such a case, you can avail keto diet plan. The health experts are of the opinion that taking the right nutrition will have strong effect upon the body’s production of vital hormones to regulate metabolism. It allows burning of fat to retain muscle mass. This way, you are required to perform less exercise.

1. Why ketogenic diet?

This is a question that is asked by many, especially those who are eager to shed excess weight, the natural way. There are available superior quality keto strips with the leading online portals. Ketogenic diet when followed makes the body to enter ketosis state, which is a healthy and natural metabolic state. Here, stored fat is burnt by the body, rather than using glucose. Ketogenic foods, metabolically speaking is quite powerful. It does offer amazing benefits and is quite delicious, healthy and natural whole food.

2. What type of foods is encouraged?

This plan involves few of the most fulfilling and delicious tasting foods. It includes lean meats like chicken and beef, high quality fats and protein like avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, butter and eggs, etc. You can also include in your diet leafy green vegetables such as spinach, chard and kale along with cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli.

Combining these foods with sprouts, nuts, seeds and other types of amazing foods can help offer health benefits. Your body by consuming such food can derive plenty of healthy fats, nutrients and protein necessary. Moreover, these metabolism boosting meals can be cooked at the home quickly, easily and without any hassle.

3. What foods are to be avoided?

When taking ketone strips, it is necessary to avoid those foods high in sugars, wrong kinds of fats and carbohydrates. Such food can prove to be toxic for the body and will only develop excess glucose which in turn will be converted into stored fat by the body. Besides this, the level of blood sugar and insulin increases in the body, thus preventing fat loss, although exercises are being performed regularly. Hence, to avoid such foods, it will be useful to reduce intake of processed foods, grains, vegetable oils (soybean, corn, canola, etc), margarine, milk along with other high sugar and high carbohydrate foods.

The truth is, there exists certain fat which are not good for the body, especially those having high omega 6 fatty acids. This is because, the body will have tough time to process them. For nutrients, brain cell generation and weight loss, fats like MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) are beneficial.