Essentials of Cook Islands Vehicle Hire



Renting a suitable vehicle for a vacation just makes sense. They are convenient, dependable, cheaper and better suited to your needs than your regular car or public transport, either of which is extremely time-consuming.

Rarotonga Vehicle Hire provides you with all the necessary information and equipment needed to go for that perfect trip you’ve been planning for since ages. Even it’s a business outing or solo trip, renting a car gives you more freedom and ease while travelling.

Types Of Vehicle Hire You Can Avail:

According to your travelling requirement, there are many types of Rarotonga Vehicle Hire available:

• Passenger Cars: Passenger cars including people movers come in different sizes and shapes for you to choose from.

• Commercial/Goods Vehicles: These come in the category of light as well as medium weight vehicles like vans to suit a large group of people.

• Luxury/Prestige Vehicles: These have very high rental fees but as the name suggests, they come with a variety of equipment and luxuries.

• Off-Road Vehicles: Cabriolets, Convertibles, and SUVs come under this category. If you want to go on an adventurous tour, these are the best choices since they are tough and sturdy to sustain damage caused by rough roads.

• Electrical/Hybrid Vehicles: These are a new addition to the rental car industry. They come with zero exhaust emissions, eco-friendly materials, safety improvements and better health benefits.

Dos and Don’ts Of Booking A Cook Islands Vehicle Hire:

Some of the essentials of hiring a rental car include:

1. Your credit card provides an insurance policy. Some major credit card companies offer coverage for rental cars without any supplementary cost. Call and check with them to avoid purchasing pricey rental car insurance.

2. You have to pay individual fees for each driver you register. So, try not to cross the mark of a maximum of 2 drivers to avoid any additional cost.

3. Always stay on paved roads to avoid serious damages to the car. Most rental car companies prohibit the use of cars on unpaved or rough roads. Check the company policy thoroughly before purchasing.

4. Make sure you return your car to a full tank. Most companies charge a handsome amount to fill it for you, to ensure that you don’t exhaust your limit. Go Cook Islands Car Rentals are your best choice if you want to rent a car. They have all types of cars to suit your needs according to your budget. They provide quick service and are open every day of the week to provide better assistance.