7 BEST Vegetables for unlocking your weight loss potential


What's the biggest nightmare when being on a diet?

Realising that EVERY piece of food you eat can literally ruin your weight loss ;/.

As a result, you're going about your day with an empty stomach, afraid of having even the smallest of snacks.

Luckily for us, there are some vegetables with superpowers ;).

Not only do they have almost NO CALORIES, but can also increase your metabolism, making you burn more fat every day.

Soo, without further ado here it is - my top 7 best veggies for weight loss :)


Kale, spinach, collards, lettuce ... not only you can eat TONS of them without feeling guilty but they're also loaded with fiber which makes you feel full, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

If THAT'S not superfood, I honestly don't know what is ;)


Behold of the mighty 4!

Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and brussel sprouts - you can boil them, bake them or even fry them but under any circumstance do NOT even think about throwing them away ;)

When hunger strikes just get yourself a nice big broccoli. Even if you manage to eat the whole of it, you've just eaten barely 50 calories!


Yes, it's the good old spuds.

Unbeknown to most people, potatoes are listed as NUMBER 1 on a scale called Satiety Index.

That means they're the most filling food available on the market today. And if you're on a diet feeling full is your #1 priority of every single day.

So go ahead and replace your white bread and rice with some potatoes and notice an immediate difference ;)


The trick with beans lies in protein.

Now, protein is reported to be the most filling macronutrient on this planet which explains why so many professional fitness models eat tons of meat while preparing for competition.

You don't have to become IFBB Pro yourself but for now just consider adding them to your healthy menu ;)


Let's get something straight - I do NOT advocate eating chili peppers on their own and neither should you ;)

Since chili peppers contain so much capsaicin which was linked in numerous studies to reduce appetite and increase metabolism, it would be a tragic waste not to add a tiny bit of each to your meal every now and then. Enjoy :)


Time for something exotic. Chia seeds are definitely hard to find but once you get your hands on them do not let them go, as they are officially the best source of fiber in the world!

And the more fiber you eat, the fuller your belly becomes. It's that easy ;)


Most people don't realise this but cucumbers consist of 96,7% of water!

And since water has no calories at all, you can eat half a dozen of these whenever you wish ;). They're only about 10 calories each.

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