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Your energy, charisma, effectiveness and timing reach a peak. Seek favors, launch important projects, grab the attention of people who matter, especially this week, Cap. This period brings a new friend, an unexpected communication, or a different field visit. The week would lead to many small, friendly, happy events. Seek wisdom, advice, learn, travel afar, or start legal, educational, media projects. Be ambitious mid-week. Optimism, social joys visit. Retreat for the weekend.


Benevolent mysteries arise this week for Aquarius guys. The answers could lead to riches or someone's heart. Research, investigate, invest, commit - but don't involve bosses, parents or powerful people. A mellow wisdom enters mid-week. Don't start work, health or financial projects for now. A small incident or inspiration signals a new direction in earnings and possessions for the week ahead. The week proposes a new start in some important matter. Career goes well, but be wary of big new projects.


Enjoy your popularity and chase your wishes while the party lasts. Next week you'll retreat for a spell. Relationships offer luck and fresh horizons. Avoid long travels and legal tangles for the week ahead. Midweek brings mysteries, deep attractions, hunches and subconscious nudges. Don't commit to a financial or sexual situation this week. By mid-week onward, your physical attractiveness increases, you'll exude a new charm. This signals a period of personal radiance, inventiveness, and renewed spirituality.

β™ˆοΈ ARIES

The accent for this week is on on prestige, your career and social standing and relations with important people. This is a pretty smooth, easy week, but there will be lots of work. Dive in, be eager, ambitious. The world rewards effort and innovation, so don't believe cynical things in life. You're powerfully productive for now. However avoid dreamy, abstracted, foreign or legal entanglements. A surprise awaits you, probably mid-week, involving governmental, spiritual, or other religious zone.


A social surprise happens for Taurus guys this week. You could meet a new group, suddenly be attracted to someone with bright ideas, or be inspired with a fresh, happy vision of the future. A new wish or goal could come true in unexpected ways over the week. Romance, pleasure and creative or gambling urges flow. Tackle chores cautiously. Relationships contain a deception or mistrust now, beware. But those you meet this week might make potential partners.


The emphasis remains on large finances, sexual intimacy and commitment, lifestyle changes, research, and deep health factors. In general, these proceed without incident. But now through the week, a house purchase, a mortgage, relocation, family or therapy program might slow down. They're favored immensely for now, in some ways, but a partner is not on your side. Be patient, these home, family, etc. projects will revive, with doubled luck, from the weekend. Romance, pleasure call mid-week. A career surprise awaits you and it could be a good one. Work goes very well all through the week.


The emphasis lies on relationships, agreements and disputes, marriage and peace. Look out for clues related to your personal awakening this period. This week holds a pleasant, refreshing awakening somehow, your eyes open about the secrets of life, about someone's motives. A light shines on a relationship puzzle. A sudden attraction could occur to a mentally and sexually stimulating person. Communications, travel and paperwork succeed this week. Romance, beauty, creativity call you as the week unwinds. Love is also possible.

β™ŒοΈ LEO

One last week of work and drudgery, Leo. Trudge through it and all's fine. Protect your health, eat/dress sensibly. Your money luck surges nicely this week, except in real estate. Do chase a bargain or an income source. Home, family, soul and nature flow smoothly, and you can accomplish much in these zones. However don't commit to large projects/outlays anytime now. Mild romance teases your senses, but larger conditions aren't ripe for huge love yet. A sudden sexual or financial attraction surfaces midweek. It calls for new beginnings and new horizons in your life.


The accent for the week ahead remains on romance, beauty, speculative urges, pleasure, risk, and joys from loved ones during this smooth, easy week. A surprise, sudden change or newness in relationships occurs, perhaps late week. It signals the start of a period of good-humored affection, perhaps of new love. Monetary partnerships work out prospectively for now. Love relationships will be exciting but unpredictable. Your energy and charisma surge as the week unwinds. Handle money cautiously. Travel, calls and paperwork flow for the weekend.


One more week of this sluggish feeling is in for Libra people. It's a natural hibernation. Use it, recharge your batteries, repair your soul, family, home and security. Spiritual foreknowledge, charitable feelings, red tape and government dealings are favored through the week. Your energy rises mildly now. Still, nothing much succeeds. Midweek brings a surprise in your job or health. It signals the start of increased creativity and change in your duties. Money flows easily, but don't sacrifice worth for income.


Finish old and new paperwork, communications and travel tasks this week guys. Do not start anything of importance for the week. Soon, you'll be establishing a new direction in your life. An unexpected attraction or amusing little incident signals a major development for you. A new love, new creative project, or new pleasure in life awaits you. Your optimism, popularity soar now. Rest, midweek. Your energy, charisma surge as the week progresses. Do seek favors, but offer co-operation. Be cautious with money all this week.


Chase money during this smooth, easy week. VIPs, parents and circumstances favor your ambitions. Disengage from unwanted associations. The week might boost your hopes, dreams, and social rewards. Beware finances and sex mistakes. A tiny incident, a wee surpris triggers a new, direction in property, family, home and soul concerns. You're about to be given a second chance in personal or professional life. Rest, contemplate mid-week. Now you can solve government, head office matters, but be realistic.

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