Horoscope for this week ...



After a quiet, dreamy period, this week propels your energy and charisma upward.

You might see yourself somewhere else, doing something else and it's a workable idea.

Use the week) to chase goals, ask favors, and show off your abilities.

Mid-week intensifies what's been a month-long money chase.

Wrap it up, do buy articles, pay bills, ask for a pay raise, etc.

A period of paperwork, general busyness, details, calls, trips and casual friendships starts in earnest for now.

A surprise message might come, sending you travelling for now, Cap.


The week ahead is social but retire early, and rest through the days ahead.

Favors like government-related, spiritual, institutional, or any red tape dealings and investments, come later this week.

Your energy and charisma return mid-week.

Your ideas are inspired for now, forget indecision, just create, flow with your dreams.

Friendships display affection, and you're talkative and loveable.

But stress and tension rule on the home front through the week.

Do not start living with anyone before then.

The week ahead features earnings and spending.

A power struggle might precede a money/heart surprise around the end of the week.


Your weariness continues, but only to mid-week, when you start a whole month of magnetism, climbing energy, effectiveness and astute timing.

You have a job to do, a person to impress, all week long.

A secret message might come to you from far off.

Your popularity and optimism rise, then you sink into the slough of weariness again as the week moves on.

But that's the end and you're bouncing about accomplishing things and impressing people later on.

Do start important projects, seek favors.

Don't argue with higher-ups this week, Pisces.


Work and home matters enter a delayed path this week for Aries guys.

So take it easy, luxuriate in the time which life grants you to contemplate various courses of action.

But then work delays do not mean financial delays.

Money flows to your swiftly through the week, do bank it, don't spend it.

Chase ambitions this week as your productivity is good.

Mid-week's actions will likely lead to void results.

Your popularity and social delights return late during the week.

The week ahead is also a period of quietude, rest, and spiritual concerns.


Get your work done early this week and save the rest of the days for for play, romance, creative projects and display of your talents.

But don't start an important project for now.

Your career or business ambitions deserve one last effort for now, Taurus.

Social joys, popularity, optimism, splendid fresh wishes about the future come, and an entire week of these follows.

Beware of disagreements for now.

Bosses and VIPs are temperamental through the week, so be diplomatic.

For the rest of the week, government agencies, administrative offices and institutions favor you.


The week ahead accents your place in society, your career and other ambitions, and your relations with bosses, parents and other authorities.

Your quiet charm and diplomatic ease will impress higher-ups.

They might invest in your talents or projects.

This is a mildly beneficial influence, not a bonanza.

A bigger scope awaits you in family, real estate, security, food and shelter areas.

Sweet intimacy is in store around the middle of the week.

Your educational, legal and far travel interests benefit you for now.

A sudden career change can be expected for now.


The mysteries continue, but only for a few days, Cancer.

The week brings relationship opportunities or temptations and by mid-week you're dipping deeply into lust, financial ambition and possible binding commitments.

But by mid-week you rise up emotionally to clearer air.

You enter a mellow period where you can see for miles.

You'll know the truth about life and love, you'll philosophize, learn, travel and experience foreign people or foreign cultures.

Surprise, rejection/attraction comes around the end of the week.

♌️ LEO

In love and money, you'll either commit yourself more deeply, or formally break off, during the week ahead.

A recent opportunity or newly-minted relationship now proceeds to crucial funding or deeper intimacy.

You might decide to call it quits with an old relationship as new feelings enter, and the wheel of circumstance turns in your favour.

Legal and ritual factors flow smoothly and luckily, so you can enter agreements without fear.

Relationships excite mid-week, grow intimate, and surprise you for the weekend.


Romance lures you, for pleasure in general, love, creative urges, speculation, Virgo.

You'll feel happy all week long.

Tackle work cautiously, wrap up a whole week of duties, clear your desk or job list.

Be careful with driving and machinery for the whole week.

Now begins a period of fresh new relationships, new opportunities and horizons, you won't really feel the first bracing gust of these until the week moves on.

A possible power struggle, rejection, emotional upheaval will lead to surprising fresh insights, ideas, even love comes in your way, Virgo.


An important romantic connection is about to fade - briefly, for now, Libra.

However it will bring love's parade again, with trumpets this time, winding past your window through this week.

All you have to do is climb out the window and join it.

For now, romance, creativity, pleasure, and speculative winnings blossom mid-week, even as a period of work and health concerns begin.

By the weekend, the chores will start piling up and a new, surprising one awaits you.


Maintain a restful pace through the week, Scorpio.

Money's lucky too.

Perform paperwork, errands and necessary calls and other totally routine affairs for now.

Your sluggish feeling intensifies as the week progresses.

This would also be a period of romantic, creative, pleasurable, and beauty-oriented urges.

You could fall in love, but in a social, or light way that leaves your heart healthy.

An alienated feeling could be followed by a sudden attraction to a friendly, vibrant relationship this week, Scorpio.


The week ahead features home, family, security.

It could be a period to life-changing developments in relationships, career and home.

Singles might marry and will surely meet an attractive and available prospect this week.

Your home will change suddenly and surprisingly sometime now.

A period of tension and stress is just round the corner.

Do see far ahead, plan, decide.

Abandon stale projects and relationships.


Contemplate this week, Sage.

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