Horoscope for Sunday, June 18 ...



Anything that seems like a good idea is probably worth doing.

Admit it, haven`t you been wanting to move ahead on a personal or professional project?

Whether you work alone or with a group, your success is assured, although your definition of what is successful may change during the course of the undertaking.

The positive vibrations that surround you are almost too wonderful to believe.

You`re too excited to just stand in awe of the moment.

Act now.


Become aware of the power of social skills.Work with appropriate professionals.Life is exciting.

Like a bolt out of the blue new passions come and old passions depart from you.

Get more involved with music, poetry and photography.

The more that you trust your intuition, the easier your life becomes.

You have the opportunity to deepen your roots and thus rise far in life.


Higher spiritual forces are now intervening in your favor.You are challenged to act in accordance with your feelings.

Get in touch with mother earth.

Tend to practical affairs.You can reach exclusive agreements.

Spur yourself and your partner to new levels of stimulation.

β™ˆοΈ ARIES

You may feel like the system is unbuckable, but you`d be surprised how much you can accomplish with a creative approach.

Stay focused on your goal as you proceed accuracy is much more important than speed now.

An authority figure can help you or harm you, depending on how you choose to reveal the opportunity.

No one doubts your courage.

Look inside yourself to make sure that you`re acting in your own best interests.

If you`re not, save the defiance for another time.


You`re the first one out of the starting gate.

As the master of calculated risk, you have nothing to lose.

Have faith in your choices.

Wherever you lead, others will follow.

A social outing may be the best place to express yourself, especially when you`re in the mood to flatter someone you admire.

Sincerely, of course.

Your coworkers appreciate your concern for their comfort.

Travel plans fall into place.


There`s nothing as frustrating as being held back at work by someone else`s incompetence, especially when that someone is in a position of authority over you or your project.

The best way to negotiate the undercurrents may be to stay safely on the shore.

If you broadcast your feelings too widely, expect to feel the repercussions.

You aren`t the only one who is confused, and attempts to explain may only make things worse.


The future of a relationship rests in your hands.

Fate has appointed you as spokesperson for the needs of some larger group.

Are you projecting your own problems onto somebody else?

When everything seems extreme, it`s hard to find the middle ground.

A relative may misinterpret what you`re saying.

Before you explain further, consider whether it matters in the long run.

Somebody may just be whining.

β™ŒοΈ LEO

Cut yourself some slack in case you need room to maneuver.

The element of chance has more to do with things than you may realize.

A new lesson is only as painful as you make it, so try to muster up some enthusiasm before it`s too late.

When you help someone else out of a difficult situation, you realize that it`s more rewarding to put your ego on the shelf than to pursue fleeting fame.

Nobody thanks you for your arrogance.


You get a special kind of satisfaction looking ahead along a smoothly paved road.

Good news on the health front may put you more at ease with other aspects of your life.

A hands-on creative project brings fulfillment.

You may want to let a certain coworker know whether you`re available for extracurricular socializing.

If you`re not, say so clearly, before today`s romantic influences get out of hand.


Perhaps you`ve spent enough energy trying to be nice.

Be careful who is in your line of fire when you squeeze the trigger.

Damage done today will require extra time when you have to repair it tomorrow.

Someone in a position of authority may try to pull rank, but that doesn`t mean you have to get involved in the power struggle.

You have more pressing concerns than a petty tyrant at work.

Even if you`re not ready to resolve a personal issue, you can take time to think about it.


You get the official green light to do something you`ve been itching to begin.

An outspoken manner plays well with your would-be supporters.

After you convince them to sign, celebrate!

A social engagement tonight leads to more ideas.

You see the value in other perspectives even when you don`t agree with a suggestion.

Working with the team brings greater satisfaction than you expected.

Hey, when you`re this good, why deny your talents to others?


Movements at the edge of your vision break your concentration.

Your perfect moment of meditation leaves you and may not return for a while.

Don`t hurt yourself by forcing something that won`t happen.

Have your values changed?

Temporary penny-pinching is not a long-term financial solution, but it may be a step in the right direction.

A more conservative approach to spending and saving may be just the thing to break you out of a downward spiral.

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