6 signs he's totally into you


1. He wants to hang out with you

If a guy fancies you, he'll make an effort.

It is really as simple as that.

If a guy doesn't reply to your text messages or only text messages you late at night, or postpones dates - he's not into you.

A guy that has a crush on you will make time to see you.

He will initiate to see you.

2. His Body Language

If a guy fancies you try to read his body language.

A clear signs for excitement are dilated pupils.

Studies show that pupils can dilate up to four times their original size if someone gets excited.

The good thing about this is, it is very hard to fake it.

Another clear sign is: he mirrors your body language

3. He tends to ignore other people

When you're out together he is totally focused on you and what you have to say.

Guys who fancy you will hang on every word you say.

He probably won't even look at his phone.

And he pays attention to what you say.

4. He laughs at your Jokes

Being able to laugh together is so important.

And a guys who is into you will laugh at your jokes, I promise.

Even if you're not really someone who cracks jokes, you should try, he will laugh - or at least smile.

5. He is a little nervous around you

A guy who fancies you will act slightly different than normal.

He tends to be nervous.

You can tell that from how he talks to you.

Try paying attention to what he does after he tells you something, he will look at you to see how you react.

6. He' s always in a good mood when you are around

When someone fancies you, he won't be in a bad mood or complain about how hard his day was.

He will smile a lot and he will laugh a lot.

And he will try to make you laugh.