5 Disney Princess Movies Every Little Girl Should Watch Before 'Frozen'


This list could be used for your future children as well.

The movie Frozen is highly iconic, but everyone thinks its the only feminist-like movie.

But its not, so check this list out!

1. Brave

I am pretty sure Merida doesn't get married, and she also DOESNT WANT to get married either.

She is also pretty awesome and relatable!

Did I mention she is fighting for her FREEDOM???

2. moana

Not only is this movie visually STUNNING, but it possesses a spectacular concept, character, and is totally funny!

Oh yep once again another character that doesn't get married or find love.

She is trying to save her island and is the heir to the throne to rule the island.

3. princess and the frog

Tiana is an ambitious, hard working, career driven waitress, who just happens to find love.

A lot of people don't really recognize it as a 'feminist' movie, because of her finding love.

But then again those people forget feminism is not shaming women for finding love.

Its definitely worthy of your child's eyes.

4. Tangled

I think this is a good movie for little kids to look up to.

She saves the man, she has ambition and drive.

Its just an overall good movie.

Its pretty poignant so don't cry!

5. mulan

The fact that Mulan was a real person, gives this movie some unneeded brownie points.

Mulan is fighting to save her family, her country, and she's successful with it!

She is a prime example of a warrior, and she isn't even a PRINCESS, but she still qualifies.