Cities In America You Gotta See At Least Once


1. New orleans

New Orleans is quite alive, The French Quarter is pretty amazing.

Much of the area that was destroyed is hauntingly beautiful.

There is music and art everywhere!

2. New York City

New York isn't for everyone, specifically those of you who don't like crowded spaces.

But if you haven't been then you should definitely go!

3. Washington d.c.

Washington D.C.

has many many things to do!

Also its the capitol of the United States, so therefore every American should check it out!

4. Las vegas

You know you want to go!

Gamble a bit, meet people, drink, watch shows, possibly get married to a stranger!

Haha don't get married to a stranger.

5. Atlanta

Atlanta has a lot of attractions, take tours, get to know the city!

6. miami

Its Miami, enough said.

7. los angeles

Ah the city of Angels.

At least try this one before you knock it, take a couple tours, you can find anything here!

8. Orlando

Its the home of Disney world and everyone should see it at least once in their life.

9. Hawaii

Just trust me on this one, go!!!

10. jacksonville

A lot of Floridian cities, but I lived there I know whats totally amazing.

Except honestly there isn't a whole lot to do here, its more of a relaxation place because its such a beautiful place.