5 Things You Should Not Hesitate To Tell Your Best Friend


Friendship is one of the best things and the most precious gifts of life.

Our entire life we keep making friends, but fortunate are the people who get real and honest friends.

And having a best friend in life is indeed something to cherish.

A best friend is the special person in our life who we value above our all other friends.

He/she is the one we trust, we think about when we make plans, want to have fun with, talk with and want to do almost everything together.

However, despite this we didnโ€™t say or share many things that we actually want to tell our best friend.

We hesitate and think how he/she will react.

Here, in this post I am sharing few general things that we should tell our best friend.

1. I Am With You

Yes, we spend most of our time together.

Still, we afraid loosing each other and due to this we didnโ€™t share and hide lots of things.

Therefore, it is very important to tell your friend that you are not alone and I will always be there to hear you and try my best to support you in every situation.

This will give your best friend a strong feeling of trust and can openly share things with you.

2. Thank You

It is a common saying โ€œNo thanks and formalities in friendshipโ€.

However, this small gesture of saying thank you, whenever your friend helps you make feel that you understand and mean what he/she has done for you.

This will surely make the bond much stronger between both of you.

3. I Love You

There is no right time for this.

So, donโ€™t wait, just tell that you love him before it gets late.

There are chances that your best friend may also love you.

And you can take your friendship one step ahead to a lifetime relationship.

If you are not sure about your friend you can check the signs that he likes you more than a friend or not.

If he doesnโ€™t love you even though there is no problem in expressing your feelings for your friend.

However, this will give your friend an understanding that how important he is in your life.

4. You Are Wrong

Supporting your friend in wrong things is not good.

It is better to have some guts to say that you are wrong.

We feel that if we say โ€œNoโ€ or point the friend for wrong things it will be offensive and may break the friendship.

But in real doing so you are doing what a best friend must need to do.

Talk, how your friend is wrong about and guide him/her in the right direction.

5. I am Sorry

Saying "I am sorry" is one of the hardest things to do.

Sometimes this result in a bigger fight, break-ups and can have more serious adverse.

Therefore, a little apology and saying sorry can save your friendship.

And this way your friend will also know how much you value him/her.