Top 3 Things to Do in Alaska


1. 1.View the Northern Lights

Your best chance to see the northern lights is during the cold, clear winter nights between September and April.

The prime time to see them in all their glory in usually after midnight.

Be spontaneous, brave the cold, and embrace a late night adventure to see the stunning natural phenomena Alaska is known for.

Bundle up to enjoy the dynamic color show under the vastness of Alaska's night sky, and don't think twice about missing out on a little sleep to witness the display for yourself.

2. 2See Alpenglow at Midnight

Long days in Alaska bring a kind of freedom you may never have experiencedโ€”what a famous Alaska poet describes as โ€œthe freshness, the freedom, the farness.โ€ Indeed, with the expanded daytime that comes with the Midnight Sunโ€”and all of the new possibilities that result from itโ€” you might feel like a kid again, as if there are no rules.

The views are inspiringโ€”such as that rosy band of Alpenglow you might see around the mountains.

A lot of people even say that the sun re-awakens them to the magic of life.

3. 3.Flightsee Over an Alaska Mountain Range

Flying over a sea of mountains, glaciers, and crevasses is an other-worldly experience.

As you sit in the warmth and comfort of a plane or helicopter, youโ€™ll see peaks and glacial formations that have never felt the press of a human foot.

And while plenty of people assume that you have to tour Mt.

McKinley to get the full effect, donโ€™t let that limit you: almost any flightseeing trip will do.


Elias National Park makes another great tour.)

4. Use US map, Map of Alaska to Travel acorss of alaska