Horoscope for Friday, May 19 ...



You find yourself willing to take unusual financial risks. This may be a good idea, but look around carefully for the best odds. A big return requires a substantial investment. If you have some resources to spare, put them to use. Always remember that there is the possibility of loss -- especially in riskier situations. Take a chance and put some money on the future -- but don`t bet any more than you`re willing to lose. You might do well to seek the advice of a professional.


This is the kind of day Aquarians live for! Prepare to soar on a wind of high energy and boundless excitement. Nothing can stop you from obtaining your goals. Others notice and admire you for no apparent reason. Friends and coworkers will fight over who gets to spend the most time with you. People follow your lead, even if you`re going nowhere. Don`t take advantage of this blind faith. Tonight, accept an unexpected invitation.


You want to help others today. Your sense of radiant tranquility has a calming effect on a person who`d rather stay excited. That`s okay. Seek out friends who can raise your own energy level instead. You may find yourself inundated with thoughts and ideas, leaving you unable to concentrate on even the simplest of tasks. Give yourself a break. All new ideas seem to come from the same well today. Go ahead and daydream about the future.

β™ˆοΈ ARIES

You have friends and allies in places that you never dreamed of. Ask for support even in the most complicated of situations. The load becomes much lighter when others are willing to help, and your petitions will not be denied. Use this day to think big, both for yourself and others. Identify your most important goal and execute the steps you need to reach it. Both an organized space and a clear mind will be essential to your success. Now is the time to move ahead with great vigor.


If the car is broken, it`s time to stop. Recognize that you`ve exhausted the possibilities and go on to try something different. You may meet some resistance when you try to abandon your current project. Be prepared for others to call you a troublemaker. Fight your urge to point out their obvious lack of perspective, and walk off with your head held high. If you follow through with fresh ideas, your good judgment will be recognized down the line.


Start communicating your ideas and plans for the future. You get people`s attention, even if you are voicing an unpopular sentiment. Keep in mind that your thoughts are a bit off the wall, but the resistance you receive from your peers should not dissuade you. Avoid entering conflicts that are based on petty details or semantics. Free your mind to reflect on deeper issues, and prepare yourself to move ahead with important plans. You are clear-sighted and articulate today -- put it to good use.


Emotional responses are true to the heart but inappropriate in certain situations. Find ways to give due respect to your feelings without involving others. An emotional explosion can injure innocent people. Look for ways to gain personal distance on highly charged situations. There`s no need to take everything quite so personally -- and taking your ego out of your dilemmas will make for smooth sailing in the end. Even something as easy as a meditative walk around the block can make the difference.

β™ŒοΈ LEO

Be ready to handle rejection, but don`t let something that hasn`t even happened yet stop you from forging ahead. Keep in mind that other people have lives too, and your plans may not agree with theirs. Accept whatever you are given with grace and ease. Let out your steam to a good friend or on your own. If things start heating up, make light of the situation with a joke and your sunny smile.


You know what you want as soon as you set your eyes on it. Put your bravery and your smarts to good use and go forward to claim what you hope to be yours. Chances are, you will be rewarded with a positive outcome. Life finds you irresistible, and you continually discover yourself in situations that enhance your good mood. Look to others for inspiration and fun. Spend time with someone whose adventurous spirit matches yours. Romance and treasure hunting are favored activities.


You may find yourself overwhelmed by difficult home and family issues. It`s always hard when you feel haunted by your own past, but try to be open and listen to what bad feelings have to tell you. As usual, reality deviates from your ideal, and this time it might be a hard one to swallow. If you find yourself in conflict with someone close to you, your best bet is to make sure that your opponent knows how carefully you are listening to them. A good dose of kindness also couldn`t hurt.


If at all possible, work from home today. You`re not in the mood to deal with petty office politics and water cooler gossip. It`s not a good time to run errands -- the traffic and lines will only frustrate you. Surfing the Internet will be easier and more efficient than steering a car down the highway. Take care of your responsibilities while you sit back in the comfort of your own house. Isn`t technology a wonderful thing?


Style and technique are very important today, although a strong message wouldn`t hurt. Encourage others to participate in projects that you have already begun working on. The feedback and support you receive from a group will be very helpful and can help guide your vision. By talking things over, you may find yourself presented with just the insight that you`ve been looking for. Socialize freely. You make friends with amazing ease.

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