Horoscope for Thursday, May 18 ...



There certainly is a lot to take in at once, but be careful not to overload your senses. To someone who has just been starving, enough could quickly become too much. No matter how you care to explain it, life is getting better and better. The new, more hospitable rules will soon become evident to everyone, including you. For now, just sit back and take in the scenery. Looking at everything from such a distance makes the world seem unbelievably beautiful.


Now is the time to fulfill your ambitions, but make sure it is something that is possible. You have big ideas and big dreams, but your natural verve and grace usually help you get whatever you try for. However, this may be a time when you are feeling a bit restrained and not gutsy enough to reach for the stars with your usual fearlessness. Fear not, Aquarius, the iron is hot and now is the time to strike.


Gather up your courage, and be prepared to ask for some assistance. There`s no way you can complete all that you`d like to in the time you were allotted. Although you just don`t feel right about recruiting help, that`s exactly what you need to do. You may need to depend on friends in high places, so listen to what they tell you. There may also be a problem with authority -- make sure you`re on your best behavior. Don`t let the boss catch you working on personal projects or you`ll be sorry later.

β™ˆοΈ ARIES

You want to have something your way, and you aren`t above throwing a tantrum to get it. If you`re going to insist on behaving childishly, you can expect to have quite a frustrating day. Being stubborn draws laughter, which may not be the desired response. When the Moon is in its current Sign, Aries sometimes courts disaster. When you need to find solace, turn to a friend who isn`t likely to judge your behavior. An impartial point of view would be especially welcome to you right now.


If you`ve learned anything from the Universe so far this year, it`s that nothing is set in stone. You can expect a big perspective shift right now. Those who know your moods are quick to step in when they see the change, but those who aren`t paying attention could be quite shocked at the turn of events. Extra publicity is useful if you have something important to say, but it`s only a hindrance if you want to remain silent.


You may not feel like being in a crowd, but your impulse to be alone might cheat you out of observational knowledge. Don`t forget that this dance is indeed open to the general public, Gemini. Watch your opponent`s footwork. Even if they don`t slip, you can still learn something. The object of the game is to emerge the winner, not make friends along the way. You don`t have to be cutthroat, but giving away your secrets will only work against you.


You have the next couple of days to exploit the potential unleashed by the Moon`s current Sign. There are a lot of opportunities laid out on the table before you right now, Cancer. Don`t be fooled by the order in which the courses are presented -- there is no right and wrong way to eat at this banquet. You are sure to notice the flavor of justice mixed in with all the other pleasant sensations. Observe magic`s rules if you want it to come back next time.

β™ŒοΈ LEO

You thought you might get away with it, but now that you`ve been spotted, you know you have to do the right thing. You will earn the respect of your peers and boss if you admit to any wrongdoing right away, Leo. There`s special honor in admitting a mistake before someone else calls it out. You still have a lot of work ahead, but now you can attack it with a clear conscience. Someday soon this particular fairy tale will have a happy ending.


Mainstream activities just don`t hold very much appeal to you right now, Virgo. Right now, you yearn to try something new. You`re outside of the box the entire day, whether it`s on the edge or over the top. Friends and neighbors are amused enough to give you a lot more leeway than usual. Once you pick up a useful hint, you are ready to share what you`ve discovered. You`re articulate and instructive to all who will listen.


You aren`t required to take anyone at their words, Libra. It`s okay -- and maybe even necessary for your own safety -- to question any strange behavior that happens around you. There`s probably no need to worry, but it`s good to be vigilant. An existing agreement lets you pick up the slack of someone who isn`t doing their job. It`s a thankless task, but someone has to do it.


It seems as though there is virtually no limit to what you can do today, Scorpio. Try to identify the wellspring of your vigor and drink from it deeply. You could waste time on easy victories, but you have the desire to capture much bigger game. There is much more force in numbers, so joining up with anyone else who radiates this same power is an excellent idea. Don`t wait any longer -- this is clearly your moment to stand and be counted.


There`s nothing to be afraid of, Sagittarius -- you`ll get more than one chance to do this. The first try serves as a map of the landscape that you currently inhabit. Try to take good notes, jotting down every detail along the trail. Everyone still has a different idea of what`s happening, so you need to be as accurate in your descriptions as possible. Remember that just because something isn`t on the surface doesn`t mean it`s not there.

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