Best Books to Read After Graduation


Three great book recommendations for anyone entering the real world or leaving home for the first time to go away for school. The best guides and helpful, inspirational reads.

1. The Freshman Survival Guide

Useful advice for College Freshmen. Easy to read. Insightful. An engaging mix of fun and serious content.

2. Stuff Every Graduate Should Know: A Handbook for the Real World (Stuff You Should Know)

Best Seller that offers guidance every step of the way. From How to Build A Professional Wardrobe to Finding Your First Apartment to Budgeting Tips and Advice.

For anyone entering the real world, this guide is filled with helpful, useful information.

3. Oh, The Places You'll Go!

A classic and uplifting read for recent graduates who are entering a new phase in their lives. Honest and inspirational - a great book to prepare anyone embarking on new adventures and exciting beginnings.

4. Source: Best Graduation Gifts