This Is Why You Should Date a Builder


A builder doesnโ€™t have to be โ€œa masonโ€ or a construction engineer or real estate developer. A builder could be an entrepreneur, an artist, a software developer or a visionary thinker. A builder is someone who wants to start something from nothing and turn it into a worthwhile. A builder is a dreamer and one who has a vision. He is a goal getter and has tall ambitions to actualize his dreams. And this works for both gender, a builder could be the next woman down the street or the man up the hall. I guess there is a builder in all of us anyways. But some make something out of this quality, others just let it die. When I was broke the โ€œbuilderโ€ in me came alive and I can say a thing or two on why you should date a builder.

1. They listen to their guts

While the builder has so much potential, if they see potential in a relationship with you, they are all in. They donโ€™t mince words. It is either they want you or not. They listen to their guts and know what matters and doesnโ€™t. Yes they can be decisive and do what is necessary to keep you if they are interested in you.

2. They are wild

Builders are wild and smart thinkers. They have an explorative mindset. They are also innovative and always considering different channels to getting results. They are not static or fixed, but wild

3. They are rich

Wealth is not what you have in the bank. Wealth or riches could be in how much you know and how this information could benefit you and those around you. Even though they are already rich with knowledge and information they would let these could define the long term plans of your relationship with them.

4. They are happy

Builders are not in it for the money, they are happy with building their plans and turning it into an enterprise. It is about the process for them, it is about their ambitions and the journey to attaining results. They are passionate about the work they do or their activities. So if they are in a chase for you, get ready to be infected with the joy they possess.

5. With them you have rich conversations

Perhaps you are nowhere in attaining your goals, or even know how to get started on it. You are secured in rich conversations with a โ€œbuilderโ€ as they do well to inspire you to go after those things you want. Conversations they would have with you will be relevant and rich.

6. They are solid

โ€œBuildersโ€ are not ashamed of their personality.

They would go through a dirty job simply because they want to attract results. They donโ€™t pretend about who they are since they know it takes a lot of hard work and effort to get those things they want.

7. They are go-getters

For them it is all about results. When you are in relationship with them, they donโ€™t focus on the problems plaguing the relationship, rather they focus on solutions and how they can proceed to the next phase with you.

8. They observe

You donโ€™t need to tell them everything. They can perceive your thoughts and see through your desires. They are focused on the details and certainly will be relied upon when things are not going right.

9. They are ready to grind

They are ready to make a relationship work. They will sweat through the process if they have to. They are not flimsy and petty but they are willing to grind through the journey of attaining happiness with you.

So whether you are dating a paving contractor

or an entrepreneur who wants to build a million dollar business, do well to date a builder.