Horoscope for Wednesday, May 17 ...



You haven`t even noticed that things are getting better. You are extremely relieved to learn that it wasn`t personal after all. The world may be indifferent to you at the moment, but you can make anonymity work to your advantage. Adopt a new attitude toward the way you live your life. Things that seem impossible can be accomplished if you set your mind to it. Form a support network of close friends -- their loyalty will be key to your success.


You have a whole new set of objectives to accomplish. It`s true that the last few days could have been better spent, but at least the check is in the mail. Maybe now you can get started on a project that actually means something. It may be slow going at first, but once you`re engaged, that old sparkle will return. You have to start somewhere, and the beginning is as good a place as any.


No one can accuse you of not caring today, Pisces. You`re in touch with a world of emotions, and they all feel excellent to you. The Moon`s current Sign drives you to take chances that you normally wouldn`t consider. Do something that no one else would ever suspect you of wanting to do. As with all extreme activity, the danger factor should be considered, but not dwelled upon. As long as you stay within the limits of your imagination, you`ll do fine.

β™ˆοΈ ARIES

Power plays won`t be tolerated today. It`s okay to use other people only if they can use you for their own purposes as well. Things have a way of evening out in the end. Don`t bother to look any deeper than the surface when dealing with new people today. Deeper motivations can be overlooked as long as everyone is nice to each other. Tonight, respect the rules no matter what you do. The consequences aren`t worth the thrill.


Today you feel as if you`re playing a game of Hide and Seek. You`re very close to finding what you need -- just look a little harder. Don`t leave any stone unturned in your quest for the winning ticket. Your restlessness could start a chain reaction if you make any sudden moves. Before acting, think about those who depend on you. Your family members may have very different opinions than you do regarding a change you`re thinking about making.


You have a better chance for success if you don`t tell anyone what you`re up to, Gemini. Pursue your deepest wish with grace and subtlety. Your secret isn`t safe with anyone, so resist the temptation to tell even your closest friend. The people around you quickly discover that there`s no room for argument after you state your case. The power of information is your best ally right now. Get out there and knock them off their feet. Your performance gains you the respect and prestige that you crave.


Your desire to seize control bubbles to the surface. Your attempts to steer events may surprise others. This is a good time to sit back and observe rather than get involved in the current mess. Don`t solicit criticism, but be open to it when it comes. Keep in mind that the people dishing it out have your best interest at heart, Cancer. Tonight, step back from a circular argument before you are doomed to repeat the whole thing once again.

β™ŒοΈ LEO

Prepare for an active, productive day, Leo. You are blessed with an extra burst of energy, so use it to your full advantage. Friends, family and coworkers look to you as an example of how to get things done. Write down your personal system so that others can benefit from your knowledge. Your door is wide open, and there`s always room for one more. Tonight is a great time to have an intellectual discussion with someone who normally opposes your views.


Consumer madness descends before you realize what`s hit you. Your quest for material possessions has you running all over town in order to get the best bargains. Be sure to do your shopping in the company of someone who retains a shred of objectivity. You shouldn`t trust yourself with credit cards today, Virgo. If you can`t pay cash for it, perhaps you don`t need it after all. Don`t be fooled by appearances. Expect to get exactly what you pay for.


Standing out in the crowd is more of a blessing than a curse today, Libra. Let your inner beauty shine for all the world to see. Add your unique character to everything you touch. Accept no substitutes. Don`t attach your name to anything with which you aren`t in complete agreement. Only you can bring about your own version of perfection, and other people are more than happy to let you take over.


It might be hard to get your point across when no one seems willing to enter a discussion on your terms. Simplify your approach, if that`s what it takes. If you still can`t get a word in edgewise, walk away from the conversation. Anyone who isn`t smart enough to hear you out probably wouldn`t benefit from your words of wisdom anyway. Try to take the most direct route when traveling tonight. When you go too far from home, you may start feeling lost.


Dreams make their way into real life today. You are excited to learn that you finally get to try out the ideas that have been spinning in your head for so long. Reality differs from theory, but that shouldn`t stop you. You still have the faith of everyone whom you worked so hard to convince. Remember that once the switch is pulled, there`s no turning back. If you are too nervous, find someone with a steadier hand to help you.

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