Get Your Dream Figure With These Waist-Slimming Exercises


In case you haven't heard it before, I'll break it to you now: there's no such thing as spot weight reduction. This means you can do sit ups or crunches until your abs ignite and it doesn't mean you'll get a flatter stomach. A stronger stomach, sure, but not necessarily any slimmer.

The only real way to lose weight around your midsection is to lose weight everywhere, which makes the best waist-slimming exercises the best fat-melting exercises. Yes, these all target your core, but they are also compound movements, meaning they use multiple muscle groups - and the more muscle you use, the more energy required. The more energy required, the more calories burned. The more calories burned, the less fat stores on your body.

Get it?

So, to really trim your tummy, try out these core sculpting, fat blasting moves. For best results, combine them in a circuit, doing each exercise for one minute, resting for 10 -15 seconds, and then moving onto the next. Do the entire circuit 3-5 times.

1. High Knees

Essentially, this is running on the spot, except you really pull your knees up as you run. Be sure to engage you core to get the best ab workout. Stay light on your toes, and use as much energy as possible.

2. Russian Twists

The Russian twist is a killer move for sculpting your waistline that also tones your lower abdominals. To get the most out of this movement, make sure it is your torso twisting to make the movement: not just your arms moving side to side. Keep your knees bent and your heels off the ground. For more intensity, cycle your legs back and forth like you're pedalling a bike.

3. Burpees

Before you stop reading, give burpees a chance. Or another chance. Many people steer clear of burpees because they are physically demanding. No denying this! But they are also insanely physically beneficial - especially for your waistline. Not only do they increase core stabilization and strength, but they are a high-octane plyometric move that will help you burn more fat, and build more muscle. If you find traditional burpees too difficult, you can do one (or all) of the following modifications:

Skip the push up.

At the bottom of the burpee is the push up. If this makes you want to toss your cookies, drop it and just move from plank to the standing. Alternatively, you can drop to your knees for the push up.

Ditch the hop.

Burpees require that you jump both legs forward toward your elbows and back. If you can't make that move work, then simply step forward and back, one leg at a time.

Elevate and alleviate.

If full-on burpees are too demanding to start, then don't go all the way to the floor. Instead use a bench or chair against a wall, and place your hands on that, as opposed the ground. Just make sure it is against a wall so it doesn't move when you jump or step your legs back and forth.

Take your time with burpees. If you're not in the military, there is no reason to pound them out to the call of a drill sergeant. Challenge yourself, by all means, but you don't need to kill yourself.

There you have it! Three moves that will help you get a trimmer tummy, burn fat and build muscle all over your body. The result is a body made for the sexiest of crops and most figure hugging outfits.