5 of Today's Magical 🔮 Nail Inspo for Women Who Want an Incredible Mani ...


Hey Gorgeous! Here are today's hottest nail inspo fresh off Instagram. And here's our special - the Nail Hack of The Day: Put your nail polish the in fridge 15 minutes before you use it for a smoother application.

1. Nails by @nailsartistry - 3592 Likes

2. Nails by @indigonails - 4876 Likes

3. Nails by @naominailsnyc - 355 Likes

4. Nails by @wahnails - 642 Likes

5. Nails by @glambymeli - 4335 Likes

Aren't these gorgeous? Tell us which ones you liked best! And if your fav nail account is not on this list - do tell in the comments, dolls!