Gym Etiquette – Do’s and Don’ts


1. DO mind scents

Take it easy on perfumes/colognes and scented creams.

Try not to use too much in excess.

Even though it’s a gym and we’re all there to sweat, try to keep body odour under control as well.

2. DON’T hog machines

Try to keep your workout moving.

Take break when you need, but don’t go talking so someone else and keeping the machine on hold until you’re ready to knock out your next set.

3. DO ask others in the vicinity if they mind when taking videos and pictures

Everyone seems to be doing it these days, but be mindful of the other gym goers using machines around or behind you.

They may not want to be caught in your video.

4. DON’T have long conversation on your phone

You’re there to workout!

Try to go cell free for the hour or however long it takes you to get through your routine.

In today’s day and age we’re always going, and doing for others.

Use your workout time as your time and turn off the outside world.

5. DO replace equipment and wipe down the machines when you’re done

If you move weights, rack them when you’re finished.

When you’re done using the benches and machines, use the spray and towels provided by the gym to wipe your hard earned sweat away for the next user waiting.

6. DON’T take forever in the showers

Yes we want to have the hot water beat down on our necks and backs, but we also have to remember we’re not at home, others might be waiting to get a shower in after their workout as well.

7. DO respect others

It doesn’t matter how much you lift, weigh or how may reps you can do.

We’re all their working on the same thing…ourselves.

Respect everyone’s struggle!

Under NO circumstance is body shaming OK!!!

8. DON’T spread extra germs

It’s totally unavoidable and they will spread especially in places like the gym, but when sick and working out, do you part and cover up if you have to cough or sneeze.

I know it’s hard especially when you’re in the middle of a routine, but the people around you will thank

9. DO enjoy your workout!