Date Etiquette - Do’s and Dont’s


1. DO be on time

it’s rude to show up late for a date.

Sometime things happen (emergencies, traffic, etc.) but try to meet at the agreed upon time.

2. DON’T use you cellphone

Yes, it’s the age of electronics and our entire lives are pretty much ran through our mobile devices.

However, when on a date, especially if it’s a first date, try and unplug for the couple of hours you’re out.

Turn off or silent your phone before going in.

If you absolutely must check messages or take a call excuse yourself and run to the washroom and do it quickly.

Much like showing up late, it’s rude to constantly be checking your phone or taking calls in the middle of a date.

3. DO choose a place where you’ll both be comfortable

Just because you like Mexican cuisine, doesn’t mean your date will.

Choose a setting where you can both relax.

Going somewhere where you both enjoy, will also help with jitters and ease any awkwardness.

4. DON’T talk with your mouthful

This one we all know, try to keep food inside your mouth.


5. DO be prepared to share the bill

I know this one is a touchy subject, especially with first dates.

Some believe the man should pay, some think whoever did the asking out should handle the bill, and others say split.

Either way it’s a nice gesture to offer to split the bill or at least be prepared to handle your share of the cheque it he pulls a - wanna go dutch?

6. DON’T insult your date or put others down

Sometimes the chemistry just isn’t there or you’re not seeing eye to eye on certain things.

Try not to insult or be judgemental of your date or others.

If you feel like it’s not going to happen don’t be afraid to let them know.

We go through many frogs and firsts before we find our princes, more times than not first dates never see a second.

7. DO be honest

Tell the truth.

When we first meet someone we try our hardest to show our best face.

We embellish a tad bit to seem more fun, interesting or to enhance our life experiences, but remember if it does turn into something more than a first date the truth will probably come out.

If at the end of the date you really feel like you don’t want to see them again, let them know.

Be honest with your date and yourself.

We all want somebody, but no need to waste time on something you’re really not feeling.

8. DON’T feel obligated to do anything you don’t want to or, are uncomfortable doing

It doesn’t matter if you were given flowers or wined and dined, if they picked up the cheque or told you how beautiful you are all night.

If you don’t kiss on the first date, don’t.

If you don’t want the date to go any further than what you two had originally agreed upon, don’t.

If you’re date truly wanted to take you out and get to know you better they won’t push for anything more.

9. DO be yourself

Life’s too short to be trying to be someone or something we’re not.

I know its cliche, but they wouldn’t have asked you out if they didn’t like your natural qualities.

Be yourself because in the end they’ll fall in love with the real you not the person you pretend to be.