8 NEW Ways to Wear Winter Boots


Though it’s not a winter season to talk about furs and booties, but what’ the harm in assembling your guards for it in advance.

When we blather about the contents of winter wear, there are two things that are stuck in our minds like an adhesive - Warmth and Comfort.

With heavy sweaters and long trench coats we buckle up ourselves to pass through the chilly windy season.

While winters boots become the core piece in our wardrobe to trek through freezing terrain.

Take a take on these styling tricks to wear your boots that will pilfer your winter outfits to the next level.

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β€’ If you are still in that mind zone where you can’t wear boots with long sweeping skirts, think again.

Long skirts complement perfectly with your skirt shape.


β€’ Don’t chop off or tuck your overlong denims inside your boots, instead cuff them so that the hem hovers right at the top of the boots.


β€’ This winter season opt for lamp shading trend with an A-line swing coat.

Ramp up this look with a multi coloured pair that matches the coat hemline to perfection.


β€’ Give your miniskirts a new angle by pairing them with long knee high boots and sleek black tights.

Go monochrome for the effect.


β€’ You can also wear your favourite winter dress with ankle boots.

Look for one with a longer hemline for an ultra blowy and flattering look.

β€’ Let’s take the classic winter attire a notch up by bold printed boots.

Style them with muted pieces and a touch of accessories to complete the look.


β€’ Want to display a little drama to your attire?

Switch in your basic boots for patent leather over-the-knee boots that grabs the spotlight.

β€’ Ankle booties and classy culottes are a match made in fashion town.

To add an extra edge to the look, add a pair of knee high socks to the bundle.


β€’ Look out for classy menswear staples with buckled boots for a chic perfect look.


β€’ To give an illusion of longer legs and extra height, wear slim fit skinny jeans with ankle boots.

Opt for same colour for that added effect.

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