Dating Tips Inspired By Jane Austen


The majority of us have heard of Jane Austen - one of the greatest writers of all time! I recently read a book called Jane Austen's Guide To Dating by Lauren Henderson and it was a really good read with some great dating tips which are hidden under the surface of Jane Austen's novels. Here's some of my favourites from the book which hopefully you'll also find useful...

1. Don't play games

If you're dating someone, don't lead them on or mess them about - it's not gonna score you any points. If anything doing this will put the guy you like off you completely. There's a difference between acting a little hard to get and being cruel.

2. don't settle

Don't settle for any less than you want or deserve because you're lonely or scared of being single forever - it's not fair on either person. In the long run you'll only regret it, so although it may seem like the easiest option sometimes, think again.

3. follow your gut

Even if all your friends and family tell you that a guy is right for you, if you aren't feeling that connection then follow your own instincts and break it off. You shouldn't stay with someone unless you're totally happy and unless you know it's the best thing for you.

4. be prepared to wait

You can't hurry love and it may take a lot of bad dates and a few heartbreaks before you meet the right person for you. Nothing worth having in life comes easy so be prepared to take your time and wait until The One comes along.

These tips are great rules to follow when it comes to dating - and these are just a few! Jane Austen's Guide To Dating is a definitely worth a read and will hopefully help you navigate the rocky roads of the dating world!

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