Horoscope for Sunday, March 19 ...



You feel strangely peaceful today, Capricorn.

You remain cool under pressure, no matter how expensive or personal the stakes.

Your work ethic lets you play hard once the job is done.

Save your ranting and raving for another time.

Right now, much more is accomplished through talk and compromise.

Later tonight, it`s okay to get out of control in a safe environment.

If you decide to divulge a secret, make sure no one is eavesdropping on your conversation.


You may experience some boundary issues.

Let go of contested property if you already have what you need.

Most material items are simply not worth the human cost, and the longer you wait, the more interest accrues.

Is it really worth fighting for?

As for finances in general, try to stick to your budget.

This is not the time to overspend, as your bank account balance might not be accurate.

Don`t max those credit cards to the limit, either.

Save your money for a rainy day instead.

โ™“๏ธ PISCES

You accept a leadership role or at least that of a problem solver.

You appear to be in control of events only because you know control is impossible.

Others will marvel at the way you surf the waves of change.

While you will serve well in your role, be sure to spend some quality time alone.

You may have been focusing on helping others, but now you could use a little pampering to recharge those batteries!

Try to find time for a massage or a catnap.

โ™ˆ๏ธ ARIES

Patience becomes more than a virtue for you -- it`s a necessity.

Do everything you can to stay on the inside of the decision-making process.

There`s a price to be paid for drifting off in your own private orbit.

Be sure to write everything down so that you can go back over your notes at a later date.

Tonight, even the things that seem perfect could stand the improvements that would lead to permanence.

โ™‰๏ธ TAURUS

The lines between reality and fiction are fading fast, but no one finds you complaining!

Your dreams are as solid and real as you want them to be today, Taurus.

You`ve got panache and courage.

You are capable of charming the daylights out of anyone who dares to get in your way.

This is the perfect time to woo that special someone.

If single, go out on a limb and ask your secret crush on a date.

If attached, find a new way to show your significant other that you care.


You struggle to get ahead.

It seems that every time you take a step forward, an invisible force pushes you backwards.

Try to be as patient as possible when dealing with others.

For a reason unknown to you, the sounds and images you recorded seem somehow less important when you play them back.

Subjective experience runs deeper than a snapshot or tape can capture.

Do your best to enjoy the present for what it is.

โ™‹๏ธ CANCER

You are filled with a positive and intense source of energy.

Your star goes nova, filling the darkness with an unexpected light.

The people you love shower you with attention, the greatest gift of all.

You have the power to make every day this special.

Putting a positive spin on things makes everyone`s evening a little better tonight.

Be sure to include all of your family members in the festivities.

โ™Œ๏ธ LEO

Some things are better left unsaid and undone, Leo.

If you try to demonstrate your might, someone could get hurt.

Any damage done at this time may result in expensive repairs.

You seem to have a penchant for learning things the hard way.

Pay close attention.

Thinking ahead to possible consequences could keep you out of harm way.

Resist the urge to be stubborn, especially when dealing with older family members.

โ™๏ธ VIRGO

Financial issues take precedence.

Money is the deciding force in most cases where common sense is involved.

You know immediately whether or not you can afford the extravagant plans your friends suggest.

Don`t be afraid to bow out if you can`t pay your own way.

As the day wears on, events begin to happen around you in a quick but orderly manner.

You notice your frequent reflections in shiny surfaces.

โ™Ž๏ธ LIBRA

It`s time to wake up and smell the roses, Libra.

Your sensual awakening could make you behave selfishly.

Try to remember that you don`t get to keep everything you touch.

Possessiveness is a quality that does not suit you well.

Others have feelings and preferences that may be more important than your desires of the moment.

If you find yourself dealing with an irritated family member this evening, don`t opt for the easy way out.

โ™๏ธ SCORPIO

It`s in your best interest to keep an open mind, Scorpio.

You narrow your options when you position yourself as an enemy of change.

Beware of losing something important in your struggle to keep hold of something useless.

This is a good time to keep sight of your priorities and goals.

Think about starting a journal to chronicle your accomplishments.

Tonight, your passions could make you a bit of a tyrant.


You may have to make a major decision with little or no time to think about it beforehand.

Choose carefully, because you`ll have to live with the consequences of your choice for a long time.

At home, you go to great lengths to make your point, even at the risk of causing others discomfort.

A narrow focus leaves you less room to maneuver.

Your sacrifices mean a lot now, but you may regret them later.

If you have a crystal ball, this is the time to look into it, Sagittarius.

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