7 Imperative Ways To Ensure A Compelling Rustic Wedding


โ€œSimplicity is the ultimate sophisticationโ€ and this quote is valid for every small and big aspects of life, be it you or anyone else. Coming to marriage, marriage is the special a special event and every effort feels less while planning the wedding. Everyone wants their marriage to be special, putting all efforts to ensure that their marriage becomes an inevitable of the memory. On one hand, people want classy, glamourous, and a grand wedding, whereas, there are people who belong to the old school and prefer the rustic wedding. The rustic wedding has been quite popular among people, even the youth and after so many years, it hasnโ€™t lost its charm. One assumption about rustic weddings is, they are insanely famous due to the dual benefits: the laid back ambiance, and the affordability.

So, for those who are planning to celebrate their wedding in rustic style, here are some tips for you to help you manage effectively.


Location scrounging can be a very hefty task but to ensure that the location matches the rustic wedding theme, the time and efforts are mandatory. Find a wedding location that matches the wedding theme to avoid sabotaging the entire preparation and the wedding. While making the selection between venues, make sure the location is enough to please you and your guest and offers a captivating scenery.


When planning the other elements of the rustic wedding, ensure that every associated element-be it the least important element like the wedding card calligraphy, presents the idea and the feel of the kind of wedding youโ€™re planning to have. Donโ€™t display a laid back attitude by escaping this work, donโ€™t leave any stone unturned.


What should you wear in your wedding? Big question! In simple regular wedding itโ€™s easy to decide the clothes but youโ€™re doing it the country side way. Your clothes should look and smell authentic, consult a good designer to help you on this subject. To make it even better, ask the guest to dress according to the same theme to make it more classy and authentic.


The usual wedding hairstyles wonโ€™t be enough for the rustic wedding that youโ€™re planning. Search for the popular hairstyles and makeup among countryside inhabitants. Consult an experienced makeup artist who can help you and your partner with the makeup and hairstyle.


Rustic wedding decorations and decoratives are nature friendly, surprisingly affordable, and fantastic. They are capable of creating that rustic wedding ambiance that even the other elements canโ€™t establish. The rustic wedding decoratives, as the word suggest, are associated with nature and can include everything and anything picked from the nature. For example, letโ€™s say a tree bark, trunk, leaves, twigs, and the other things.


Wedding cakes will be a bit difficult to get which matches your rustic wedding theme. Take an example from the country side wedding resources whichever you can avail or decorate it with anything that you find rustic.


All this decorations might turn into an overwhelming task and you might get frustrated. Hence, to avoid such situations get in talks with a rustic wedding planner or venue who can do the job.