Enjoying time in the Garden This summer


1. Summer Is fast approaching

Ok, summer is not quite hear yet, but it is on its way and time.

We can at least put away that snow shovel.

2. enjoy the sun in moderation

We can start to think about getting our garden in shape in time for summer BBQ's and drinks with friends.

3. garden readiness - leaves and stuff

Clear of the deck, and leaves in the garden.

4. garden readiness - bigger trees

Historically the domain of men, but no longer, attack those trees that have taken over the garden

5. Garden readiness - mowing

Retro has returned to everything, even push mowers have come back into style

6. garden readiness - watering

Usually not required until later in the summer, but don't forget to water the lawn.

7. Friends over - get rid of the bugs

To enjoy time outside in the evening with friends you have to ensure that bugs are not a bother.