4 Things Guys Need To Stop Doing After Sex


Sure, sex is great but sometimes your man just doesn't get it.

Do you wish you could tell your man how to be better in the sack but don't know how to bring it up?

Well you're in luck!

Maybe just show him this post.

1. Forgetting about us

Men can sometimes have clouded vision and just focus on the end goal instead of enjoying the ride, wtf?

Remember guys, women usually take a lot longer to orgasm than men meaning why not focus on her for a bit?

Don't just throw her to the side when you're done with her.

If you please your lady well, she will remember to return the favour in the future.

Also guys, there is no need to rush foreplay.

It is half the fun and if you are rushing straight into sex you're really missing out.

Remember, sex is a 2-player game and nobody likes a guy who is selfish in bed.

2. Saying the 'L' word


Guys, wtf are you doing?

This is just not a good idea.

After sex is the worst time to say 'I love you' to someone.

It isn't romantic and it can be extremely awkward!

Most women would prefer you to tell them this in a romantic situation, not just because you had good sex.

This is even more awkward in casual situations.

Just because you had good sex doesn't mean you love someone.

You met this girl like 5 hours ago, what are you doing?

Making sex-fueled decisions is always a bad idea.

Overall guys, it is just a good idea to keep this 4 letter word out of the bedroom.

3. Falling asleep afterwards


Having amazing sex and then not cuddling after is just the biggest turn off for a woman.

Remember to give your lady love and affection after sex instead of just...falling asleep.

This is a huge tip from me, because if you take good care of your girl after sex she will be more open and comfortable towards you in the future.

Plus, why wouldn't you want to give your lady all the love and affection that she deserves!

4. Thinking weโ€™re not enjoying it

When it comes to sex, a lot of guys think women just want to please their man.

In reality, women love sex and more guys need to understand this!

This ties in with the first point, make sex about both of you.

Girls may want to please you but they also enjoy being pleased too.

The best sex is when both parties are completely satisfied afterwards.

Some women may even have more experience than you.

So, remember to be open-minded when it comes to sex because its not just a man's world these days!