Expensive Facial Peels that will help get rid of your Acne!


I love products that work- whether that's drugstore or high end.

As long as I see results , I'm a believer!

I have a few peels for you guys that you NEED to try atleast once in your lifetime.

1. skin INC.

I discovered this line a while ago after I heard so many rave reviews on it.

Apply this product to your clean face and once it turns milky, you can massage it in and wash off with lukewarm water.

It gets rid of the buildup and dirt in your skin, leaves you with a smooth and visibly brighter complexion.

This product retails for $55 at Sephora and worth it !

2. Dr.Jart +

Cystic acne sufferers, those suffering from fine lines and wrinkles- Try this!

This Dermaclear Milk Peel is wonderful.

It works for ALL skin types and is effective.

It exfoliates and nourishes the skin.

The reason why this is great for those with cystic acne is because it has no granules , beads or anything to further irritate your red and enraged pimple!

Its $42 at Sephora.

Highly recommend!


Aging and mature skin types- this can be a great hit for you!

This peel helps retextures the skin while it enhances radiance for a youthful-looking, glowing complexion.I also believe those with congested skin and who would like to balance their skin would benefit from this peel.

However, not everyone reacts well to oil on their face so micro algae oil might be a hit or miss for some.

This is $85.00 at ...

you guessed it!


4. amorepacific

The name is just as wonderful as the product.

This actually is an exfoliating powder with papaya enzymes in it!

All you need to do is just add water and rub it between your hands for a creamy lather.

All skin types will benefit from this!This isn't just good for your face though!

This magic powder is great for the elbows and knees- with consistent use it lightens and doesn't make me look so ashy.

( I do use it for that especially in the summer)

5. dermadoctor

Ferulic acid, Vitamin C & E all in one product.

We all know what works best for our skin.

While some people react well to retinol , others might see better results with ferculic acid.

I can't tell you how much of a difference all these ingredients have on my skin.

Note: Cystic acne sufferers you may want to stay clear of this until your pimple has gone down because this will help brighten, lighten and tighten your skin and the peel pad itself is texturized so it will irritate your skin.

This product is $78 at Sephora!

6. They're so many peels on the market to choose from

The beauty industry is saturated.

They're so many facial peels that offer you the same promises- always look into the ingredients and the formulation as these are key indicators to let you know if it'll work for you.

Good luck on your skincare journey :)