Why You Shouldn't Plan College with Your Friends


The transition from high school to college is one of the biggest in life, and requires a lot of preparation and planning.

Teenagers must learn to care for themselves in a completely different environment than they've spent their whole lives in.

Graduation marks your emergence from high school, and your arrival in the "real world" as an adult, and there are more responsibilities and expectations to fulfill than ever before.

Typically, high school students have already made plans for after graduation, what school they will be attending, where they will be living, their preferred major, etc.

But when you've lived a certain way so long, this transition can be terrifying.

Some students try to lessen the horror by planning their futures with someone familiar and close to them.

However, this is not actually a very wise idea.

1. College is about you

When involving someone else in your plans for the future, you have to be willing to cooperate and compromise.

But at such a prime time in your life, molding to someone else's preferences for anyone's sake but your own can be detrimental not only to your college experience, but your education.

You need to make the choices which will best benefit you and put you on your best foot forward, not make sacrifices to spare the feelings of someone else.

2. the pond gets much bigger

No one's trying to say your friendship is meaningless, but...

have you ever considered how limited your options were?

After high school, you make your entrance into the big blue world, and there is so much here than you thought there was.

You will always be able to find new friends, and the people you meet will always surprise you.

Don't feel like just one person will be the only one who ever understands you.

There are billions of people in this world.

3. plans change

If you've been planning for college, you've heard by now countless affirmations that it's okay if you change your major, sometimes even guaranteeing that you will.

And it is actually very likely.

Until you study for a certain career, there is no way of telling for certain that you will enjoy it, or even what it consists of.

You may find that you hate your field, or that you have other, stronger interests that you would like to pursue.

And so it is better to only have yourself to tell the bad news, instead of having to explain to a whole other person that something you've been wanting for ages turned out to not be for you.

4. and people change, too

College brings a whole slew of new things that you've never really experienced before.

Exposure to new things changes your experiences, and can change you as a person, as well.

While it seems appealing to go through these new experiences with someone who also shares many of your old ones, there is also a huge possibility that you'll come out of it different people.

5. college is a very different place

College is a different landscape governed by different laws, and it's not exactly like what you're used to.

But everything is still fleeting.

The people you were friends with last year may not even cross paths with you this year.

You have to be able to adapt to the constant changes, which, honestly, is much easier to do if you operate as a one-person unit.

6. Maybe your friendship isn't what you think it is

I'm just saying.

It happens to everyone.

Friendships that last years can fall apart, or turn out to be a huge lie.

It happens.

Sometimes people just don't turn out to be who you thought they were.

Friendship is fleeting, and not everyone can be trusted.

You may have even overlooked a few things in the past for the sake of your friend.

Do not complicate your future just so this can happen.

7. or sometimes, it just can't last forever

Stop giving so much of your time to something that isn't supposed to last past its time.

Friends don't always last forever, and that's a totally acceptable part of life.

Plan for you, not for anybody else who isn't always going to be there.

You don't need to plan your life around someone if it's really meant to last.

Something will always bring you back together in the end.