Things you wish you told yourself growing up


Regardless if you're in junior high, a graduating senior in high school or working your dream job they're many lessons we learn and grow from throughout life.

1. Nothing is permanent.

Don't worry, be happy.



it's not like your life is written in permanent marker anyways..

your human so you're bound to not be perfect and being you- is just good enough.

2. enjoy the little things

I use to be late almost everyday at school- I just wasn't a morning person.

While rushing into class, I'd pass this guy in one of the special education classes and everyday he'd wait to wave at me for that one second like he always knew I'd always come by.

I never really thought much about it at the time.

I never really realized what the wave meant to him and looking back, seeing him everyday is one of my fondest memories.

3. never forget your background

Yes , it's important to never forget your roots but it's also just important to remember your morals and values and to follow them!

Regardless of what may be happening, stay true to yourself and do right by yourself!

4. welcome an open mind

As you get older, you're going to be faced with a number of decisions that will affect you in sometimes big and small ways.

It's important to have an open mind to things, seeing from other perspectives though you might not agree with them.

But that's okay you can agree to disagree.

5. take responsibility

It's easy to play the blame game.

It's hard to own up to your actions.

Always take the high road and never allow anyone the power to make you do things you don't believe in or the things you just wouldn't take responsibility for.


Whether you're a cat lady, book worm, chatterbox( me), loud and crazy ..

you're as good as it gets.

You're not anyone else which is why you stand out..

and always will.

Have an amazing week (: