Cleansers to use when you have acne prone skin (Drugstore edition)


1. Green goodness

Cleansing your skin is the most important part of you skincare routine.

Not only will it remove excess oil , dirt and any bacteria contributing to your acne but it keeps your skin balanced all day so that other products you'll use are able to do it's job.

This is my favorite drugstore cleanser.

It smells amazing, makes my skin feel like it can "breathe", it lathers well and you only need a pea size amount.

I've also seen a huge reduction of breakouts with continued use.

This product also contains 2 percent salicylic acid which helps remove dead skin cells as well as unclog pores so you have a flawless face.

2. charcoal madness

This charcoal facial cleanser is no joke!

Seriously, a little goes such a long way and I have noticed when using this cleanser after a few days your skin may have more pimples that come to an head BUT that's completely normal.

This cleanser allows your skin to purge so that the impurities come out and a beautiful shine-free face is left.

3. When everything else fails.

I always have this in my bathroom because sometimes I just happen to have a bad skin day.

This results in my skin feeling hypersensitive to everything and this is the only product I can use when that happens.

It's definitely a ride or die sorta product.

I recommend everyone to have this!

Note: This cleanser does not foam up so for those who like the squeaky clean face- you won't find that with this product however, it still works well.


4. clean & clear

This is the first acne kit that made me believe IN the possibility of removing my acne AND scars.

This acne kit I HIGHLY recommend for new acne sufferers.

The acne mark treatment is still what I use now.

Remember regardless of acne or not- always wear an spf 30 or more.

5. olay for acne?

This cleanser works great for skin that's been "exposed" to many acne treatments I found.

This cream cleanser helps soothe breakouts as well as moisturize the skin.

I've always been able to use an acne lotion as this provides so much moisture in my skin that the lotion balances me out ( even the lotions that tend to be more drying).

Great cleanser to invest in!

6. If your skin is tad picky..

We all have those days.

You're not sure what's going on with your face.

I sometimes have dry patches here and there with an only t-zone.

Other days it has 5 pimples on one cheek just waiting to greet me.

For days that I'm not so sure what's going on with my skin, I can turn to this beauty.

It cleanses, refreshes takes off any makeup residue- it's really an All-Star is what I'm getting at.

7. What do you guys use?