Metallic Must-Haves Everyone Needs


1. alchemist Holographic palette

This right here ...

has the power to change any bad day to a good one.

The colors are out of this world (literally)!

This is for the fearless who love color and are confident.

My personal faves is the pink opal and the ultra-violet amethyst.

2. coverfx custom drops

I personally love this brand and everything it has from the cream foundations to the primers and now these!

The amount of pigment in this little bottle will last you long and the beautiful glow it gives is gorgeous!!

You can apply this with your foundation/primer and on top of your makeup to add more of a out of this world glow .

3. Illuminating setting spray

Another upcoming magical product from Coverfx!

This setting spray is no joke you guys.

It has a noticeable amount of shimmer so this is for those of you who want a dewy and fresh look for the summer.

4. moondust palette

These colors are unicorn worthy.

NO seriously.

what you see in this palette is what you get.

You don't have fallout and as always using a primer on the lids is always the best to ensure you're getting the most color out of your eye shadow and that it stays all day.


They're so many beautiful metallic lippies all over from drugstore too high end.

A few of my favorites are the Sephora ultra shine lipglosses, bite beauty pearl creme lip gloss and nyx lip glosses!

6. What do you guys think?

With so many beauty products out there, what will you guys look into???

Which ones have you tried?