Top Useful Tips On How To Fight Against Bed Sores


1. Saline water

Saline water has been used for cleaning skin conditions for centuries, and no surprise, it’s the ultimate tip for bed sores as well.

It can sterilize the wounds again certain bacteria that may cause infections and promote the healing process.

2. . GoldenseaL

This herb is a life saver to many bed sore sufferers.

Its powerful antiseptic can prevent infection.

Goldenseal also helps relieve pain and inflammation thanks to its soothing effects.

How to use:

- Make goldenseal tea by steeping 1 teaspoon of goldenseal power in a cup of hot water.

- Let it cool and use this tea to clean the affected area twice a day.

The sores will soon dry up and heal nicely.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gained its popularity for treating so many skin conditions, including how to get rid of skin tags, and now, we know one more skin ailment Aloe Vera can treat – bed sores.

Its powerful healing and curative properties do wonders to soften and soothes the affected areas, thus providing relief from pain and itchiness.

How to use:

- Apply Aloe Vera gel on the sores and let it dry.

- You can cover the sores with gauze as well.

- Perform 3 times a day and you will find the redness will gradually fade and the sores will heal faster.

Aloe vera can also treat many skin-related diseases such as skin tag.

4. comfrey

This herb also proves helpful in fight against bed sores.

Its root and leaves are packed with medicinal properties that helps support faster healing.

Comfrey also effectively reduces pain and inflammation.

How to use:

- Make a paste from slippery elm and comfrey leaves in equal amount and directly apply the paste on the sores.

- Cover with bandage and leave it overnight.

- Clean with saline water in the next morning.

You can do this once a day.

5. Turmeric

Turmeric with its powerful healing power is a great remedy for many skins lesions, including bed sores.

It can act as a disinfectant and astringent to keep the sores clean and healed effectively.

How to use:

- Sprinkle turmeric powder to the affected area.

- Cover well with bandages.

- You can do this action twice a day.

You can also benefit from turmeric by taking it orally.

Warm turmeric milk is perfect to boost body’s ability to fight against bed sores.