Unless you permanently live under a rock, you have a pretty big Netflix addiction.

It is okay.

You can admit it.

It is not like it is super uncool or anything since literally everyone that you know loves watching shows on this streaming service.

Netflix has become a way of life, especially for millennials, and that is something that is thankfully not going to change anytime soon.

While we used to feel like total losers if we were home on a Saturday night, now we are totally fine with it.

Because we have Netflix.

And Netflix just gets us and provides the best shows possible.

From original content that Netflix has produced to shows that the service is streaming, this list of television series are worth binging and soon.

Here are 10 underrated Netflix shows you need to binge ASAP.


This short-lived sitcom is now streaming on Netflix and if you haven’t watched it yet, there is one reason why you should check it out: Rob Lowe.

Yeah, exactly.

You totally get it.

Sadly, it only got one season (despite the fact that it stars Rob Lowe — yeah, we’re shocked too).

It’s a really funny, smart and sweet show about an actor who played a TV lawyer who moves back home… and starts working at his brother’s law firm.

Since you’re definitely pop culture (and TV) obsessed, you will really love this show since it talks about entrainment and celebrities and the line between fact and fiction.


This is basically the ultimate millennial TV show.

It’s about a group of friends (as these shows tend to be about) and it focuses on one guy who learns that he’s got an STD and has to tell everyone that he has been with about it.

Yeah, talk about awkward AF.

It’s a pretty brilliant name, right?

We think so.

You may not have watched this show yet or even heard about it because it’s definitely been flying under the radar, but it’s always good when a show takes on the twentysomething experience.

It’s a funny show, even if it might not seem like it from the premise.

Binge it to your heart’s content.

And be super glad that you’re not in this crazy confusing and complicated position.


Calling all foodies and amateur chefs.

But even if you do not even step foot in your kitchen and your take-out menus are your best friends, you will still enjoy this food-centric show.

Every episode features a different chef and a different restaurant.

It is a truly fascinating look at the global world of food, and since you obviously like food, even if you do not enjoy cooking it, you will learn something new every time.

Think of it like getting a crash course in the foodie scene.

You will have lots of fun facts and information to tell people at parties when you are racking your brain for something to say, and you will just feel like a more interesting, cultured person once you have binged the entire thing.

5. SENSE 8

This supernatural series has gotten lost in the mix of other shows, but it’s honestly very interesting.

Sense 8 is about eight characters who all live in different places but have one thing in common: they can communicate with each other telepathically.

If that doesn’t make you want to drop everything on your schedule and binge ASAP, well, we’re not sure what to say.

Because it sounds pretty fascinating to us.

Since the show has been streaming on Netflix, it has gotten really good feedback from critics, so that’s another reason that you should be watching it.

Of course, you don’t care what people say since if you love a show, you’re going to watch it and you don’t care.

But it’s always a bonus when you know that people are loving something.

It just makes you want to watch it even more.

It’s technically a science fiction series, so if that is something that you’re into, that’s all the more reason to watch it.


Have you seen this sitcom yet?

Probably not.

It tends to get lost among other family-centric shows like Modern Family but it’s absolutely worth checking out.

It features a pretty crazy family and each episode has four mostly separate stories.

It’s funny, which of course is also pretty much necessary for a sitcom, but it’s also charming and sweet and heartwarming in its own way.

It’s one of those quirky shows that really gets under your skin and makes you want to binge it until you’ve watched every last episode.

And then you’ll be in withdrawal.

But again, that’s just part of the whole deal.

The show is currently in its second season so what are you waiting for?

The time is now to start bingeing.

You will honestly be hooked from the very first episode and will be asking yourself why you waited so long to start watching it.


Imagine a Universal monster movie, but written by someone obsessed with 2000s brit pop, and you’ll end up somewhere near the feelings evoked by Being Human.

Spooky theatrics vanish, replaced with mood and angst as a werewolf,a ghost, and a vampire experience the ups and downs of trying to live like normal folks.

Naturally, that’s harder than it seems.

The cast changed over the course of its five seasons, but the show’s commitment to understanding the dynamics of friendship and community never wavered.

Life in England looks most outlandish through the lens of the thoroughly abnormal.


One of my personal favorites, *Cough, Cough* re-watched it five times *Cough, Cough*

Juno meets gilmore girls in this realistic teen and family drama.

Lux Cassidy had been through the foster care system for almost her whole life.

Cate Cassidy had given birth to her while at age 16, but gave her up for adoption after being promised by Social Services that the baby would quickly be adopted.

Due to heart problems as a baby and countless surgeries, she was not a desirable candidate for adoption, and instead ended up in the foster care system and in and out of group homes.

Just before her 16th birthday, Lux is petitioning the court to become an emancipated minor, but before that occurs, she must get signatures from her unknown birth parents.

She first finds her father, Nate Bazile, operator of the Open Bar, a business he operates out of a building given to him by his father.

Baze lives a semi-fraternity boy lifestyle above the drinking establishment with two roommates.

However, even when he signs the papers, Baze discovers that he is already bonding with his newfound daughter, and realizes that she has his eyes.

He introduces Lux to her mother Cate Casidy, co-host of the "Morning Madness" drive time show at Portland radio station K-100 and Baze's former one-night stand from high school.

Lux has been listening to Cate's voice on the radio as long as she can remember, so she feels an instant connection with the mom she's never met.

Baze takes Lux to meet Cate, who is shocked and saddened to learn that Lux has grown up in foster care instead of the adoption she believed would take place, and is reluctant to commit to her daughter.

Eventually, Cate wants to be a part of Luxs' life, and she shows that she really does care.


This is my all time favorite.

Ive re-watched it dosens of times and its my favorite show.

Evolved humans with amazing abilities (Teleportation, Telekinesis, Telepathy) are being hunted down by agents of Ultra.

The Tomorrow People are humans who, as a result of evolutionary development, have become early instances of the next state of human evolution – homo superior.

However, while they are early examples of their particular human subspecies, they are not the first such generation to have developed such abilities- currently, the oldest homo superior appear to have started to emerge thirty to forty years ago and exist across the world.

As a consequence of their "breaking out" of the limitations of their pre-telepath developmental phase in young adulthood, they develop psionic abilities (the "three T's" – Telepathy, Teleportation, and Telekinesis.

A fourth T ability featured in the series is Temporal Manipulation).

The series focuses on Stephen Jameson, a newly-emergent member of the Tomorrow People, as was his father who, as the most powerful of the Tomorrow People, disappeared years before the current events in the series, trying to find a place where they could live safely.

The Tomorrow People are hunted by Ultra, an anti-telepath genetic cleansing organization that uses Tomorrow People to hunt down others and neutralize, or kill, them;

their headquarters are designed to neutralize the powers of Tomorrow People, although Stephen seems resistant to its effects.

Outside Ultra, their parents, and their loved ones, the existence of the Tomorrow People is unknown to the general public, as they fear greater persecution.

Consequently, they spend much of their time in the Lair, a subterranean base of operations beneath the streets of Manhattan.