Why a Woman Should Have Her Own Startup


1. Provides a Sense of Independence

There is nothing like having your own sense of emotional and financial independence while not relying on a third party for the same.

Having your own start-up allows oneself to be self-reliant and stand up on their own two feet.

Gone are the days when a man in the family was the only breadwinner and everybody else would depend on him, which resulted in an ultra male-chauvinistic attitude.

When a woman runs her own company, she is not only looked up upon but also garners respect from all those naysayers.

Running a start up requires a lot of courage and hard work.

It requires leadership skills juxtaposed with sheer grit and gumption to face every challenge.

Hence, it is crucial to relentlessly keep going and never give up.

After all, consistency is key.

Leaving a job half way in the journey will never allow you to reach your ultimate destination.

2. Instills Confidence

When was the last time you heard others say, β€œShe Cannot”.

How about changing this misogynistic slang to β€œShe Can.” I clearly remember that whilst starting my own carpets and home dΓ©cor start-up, which is primarily a male-dominated industry, a lot of people were of the notion that I would give up soon and not be able to survive.

However, my father was one of the biggest motivating factors of my life and instilled in me an indomitable spirit of never giving up.

Running your own enterprise teaches a lifetime of experiences which cannot be learnt elsewhere.

3. Be a Girl Boss

β€œA woman who walks in purpose doesn’t have to chase opportunities and people.

Her light causes opportunities and people to chase her.” I firmly believe in this aphorism and really think that there is no better time for a woman to be her own girl boss.

With the government supporting ideas with β€œStart-up India”, there is absolutely no dearth of tools that can serve as a catalyst to launch your ideas off the ground.

Imagine, going fast forward five years and looking back on all the things you have accomplished and patting yourself with a smile.

It is important to do things now instead of repenting later.

Hence, with the aforementioned reasons, why not be your own boss and get that idea off the ground, the one that you have indelibly etched in your mind for the longest time.

Its really now or never since tomorrow actually never comes.

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