How to Finance Your New Business


1. Find Different Office Spaces in London

You do not have to buy an office to get started in business, in fact you can share a desk or an office with another person.

This cuts your costs dramatically while giving you a registered address in which to run your business from.

When looking for the

, consider sharing as a cheaper alternative to renting an office and all the bills that entails.

2. Claim Tax Back

You can claim a tax rebate in a variety of ways, from claiming tax back when you go self employed (the most obvious one for starting a business) to uniform tax rebates.

A tax rebate could finance your online business enough to get you off the ground with the basics, ensuring you don’t get into debt when you start to live your dream.

3. Cash in Old Coins

The majority of us have old currencies and foreign coins from holidays past hiding down the arms of the sofa or hidden in a drawer.

You can convert these easily online, allowing you to benefit from money you didn’t know you had.

You can also use a website like Cash4Coins to crowd fund your idea.

Ask people to donate their foreign coins and benefit from great conversion rates.

4. Choose an Advertising Company that Give a Great Return

Organic SEO is the best way to market your company and to ensure it reaches the coveted top spot on Google.

Organic SEO is easy but long-winded, you simply need to share great content and ensure other publications link to you (which they will if your content is good enough).

This can take time.

Until that happens, a good PPC campaign is needed to bring those visitors to your website.

A good PPC agency will be able to ensure you pay for your advertising through the profit made on your advertising, so you shouldn’t ever be out of pocket.

You can also look for magazine advertising , that allows you to promote products or services in exchange for a review.