The Perfect Shellac for Busy Girls on the Go


1. Stunning Nails make all the difference

There is an allure that a Shellac or French Polish brings home to ones nails when all other nails fail to impress.

With the fact that CND Shellac nail polish is a hybrid of nail polish and gel polish, it has a defined process that should be followed to come out perfectly.

However, with the ingredients needed to have that final beautiful finish being a pH balancing agent, base and top coat and the shellac colors, a UV lamp, cotton balls and rubbing alcohol, there are a number of processes that have to be followed to get that dreamy look!

2. Preparation Is Key

Before application of the new layer of polish, removal of previous nail polish is done using a good nail polish remover.

It's important to note that if one is seeking to have a spray tan afterwards, then one can rest easy as tanning will not harm ones nails when shellac polish is applied.

In fact by using the shellac top coat beforehand, it is of great importance to actually protect ones nails.

Existing layers of polish on your digits is removed and nails are filled to ensure that any imperfections are removed before application of a base cost, in preparation for the shellac or french polish.

After the spray tanning process, the nails are then wiped down ready for the final round.

3. The Application Process Makes all the difference

The process of applying CND shellac polish is easy with the use of a UV lamp.

Any professional beauty salon will have this process firmly in place:

In this regard, with the base coat already applied, application of the shellac colour one wants is done.

This should be done twice with each application cured in the UV lamp for 2 minutes.

A final top coat will also be applied and cured for 3 minutes also.

After the processes are complete, application of some rubbing alcohol to the cotton balls is done and then lightly blushed over the nails.

This enables the excess sticky polish be removed, leaving the nails smooth and shiny.

4. Why Bother With CND Shellac or French polish?

The most outstanding reason is it's extremely beautiful nail polish!

With qualities of a gel and nail polish in one, the final colours are no doubt stunning and bright.

However, the best part is that it can be left on for a long time of up to three weeks without chipping or losing its vibrant colour.

On the other hand, enabling one to save more as they stay one for longer without necessarily needing changing.

In this case, by utilising the services of a professional nail expert, every girl should expect to look and feel better as one can never go wrong with shellac nail French polishes or whichever manicure option tickles your fancy!