Paleo food is fast becoming a trend that is taking Ireland by storm. Not only is it a health trend but also a lifestyle choice that has been catching on like wildfire. That is why it isnโ€™t surprising that the number of restaurants serving Paleo food springing up across Ireland are increasing rapidly. When I say restaurants, Iโ€™m talking about the ones that also cater to the paleo diet. If you look at the trend you will notice that Dublin is by far the highest adapting city in the country.


Before we delve into the eating trends in Dublin and Ireland, let us first understand what the paleo diet is all about. Paleo is derived from the word Palaeolithic. If youโ€™ve got your history down, you will know that this refers to the history of human tribes. The paleo diet aims to try and use the same ingredients that the Palaeolithic man used many moons ago. This means that it removes all forms of processed food from the menu.

The idea is that the ingredients used then were pure and healthy. They were good for the body and it helped the Palaeolithic man survive in the toughest conditions. Todayโ€™s food has been contaminated with so many chemicals and impurities. These impurities have led to numerous kinds of diseases. So, in a way the paleo diet aims to turn back the clock and go back in time to when man ate proper and healthy food.

It is an interesting concept and one that more and more people are following today. As I have said before Dublin in particular is catching up with this new diets global domination. In turn, the restaurants are also trying to keep up with this new trend. A look at Just Eat will show you how the change is affecting restaurants in general. Letโ€™s take a look at some of the best Paleo restaurants that Just Eat features in Dublin to understand how everything is changing.


The Paleo Meals Delivered concept is really clever. Why? Simply because every meal is accompanied by a detailed calorie count! It helps you know what you are consuming and how many calories you take in with each meal. To me this indicates consistency and dedication to their proportions. It is something that a person on a paleo diet can really benefit from and appreciate.

That being said, the only downside is that you can only place your order 36 hours in advance. Paleo meals are divided into male and female meals. There are various subdivisions under that and it depends on what you want to eat.

Each subdivision caters to a different kind of group of people. People who want to lower or increase their carbs are great examples. So, in a way you will find that each subcategory fits a specific group of people perfectly. I think that is what makes everyone happy with their offering, along with the tasty meals they create! You donโ€™t have to sit and worry about your calorie calculations. You donโ€™t have to run to the grocers and fret if the ingredients you need are out of stock. Your food is pre-ordered and it comes to you just as you want it.


This is another paleo restaurant that is situated in Dublinโ€™s City Centre. Klaw has been gaining popularity over the last couple of years because of their wide variety of dishes served. Unlike paleo meal deliveries you can select each dish individually and it doesnโ€™t come in a package.

This versatility makes Klaw a great change from other more rigid paleo restaurants. The difference here is that you need to monitor your own calorie intake and the whole dayโ€™s diet needs to be balanced by yours truly.

There was a time when people considered paleo food not to be tasty. It was health food and only the health fanatics who would indulge in it. Times are changing and so are the restaurants who are creating the meals. Paleo food today is so much tastier and I can vouch for that. Not only is it tastier but it is also more versatile. The chefs work hard to ensure that the food is to a standard that will appeal to a greater audience. This constant change that is taking place involves experimentation and the use of new innovative ideas to get the best out of the ingredients that the paleo diet allows you to use.

So, give it a go, this is a healthy trend and one that is approved by many specialists, dietitians and doctors. With Dublin setting the trend for the rest of the country one canโ€™t help but wonder how long the craze will last. As of now it looks like the paleo diet seems like it is here to stay. For more Paleo restaurant options in Dublin, Ireland visit Just Eat here: