Top 4 Unusual Stops For a Ladiesโ€™ Leisure Trip to Las Vegas


Itโ€™s the age when women can do it all and donโ€™t need their other halves to define lives for them.

Career or dreams they realise it all with the support of their gang of beautiful girls.

But, what about the celebrations?

What about the time when you need to let your hair down?

Well that can be an all-girls affair too.

So plan your trip to dreamland and check in to your

cheap hotel at Las Vegas where your desires wait to unfold. What we bring to you is exciting tips to make this big blast of fun even more eventful because darlings, the spotlights are on you.

1. Start your day the classic French way

When your day begins with perfection you know you are heading to times that will be quite a treasure to cherish.

Wake up in the morning sunshine and wear those oh so beautiful breakfast favourites that have been waiting in your closet for a while.

The chefs and their wonders are waiting for you at the Bouchon French Bistro and Bakery at the famous Venetian Hotel.

Choose from a variety of options and let your taste buds be the first ones to experience the flavour of true Vegas happiness.

And if you fall in love, there is always tomorrow morning to come back.

2. Shop non-stop, but not at the malls

If you and your girl gang are not the usual mall hoppers and also have an eye for things unusual we have a secret address to share.

Go looking for the giant mantis sculpture near downtown where you will be greeted with a wide range of shops, pubs and a lot more all inside shipping containers.

Yes, you heard that right;

a shopping haven secretly set inside these cargo containers the makes it an interesting trip to a shopping destination with a twist.

The best part is everything is cheaper than the malls.

3. Visit the peace patch amidst city madness.

If all the partying and the fun is making you a bit overworked and you hardly got time with your girls to catch up about life, well you can take a quaint walk.

You ask how can that be in Vegas?

Well the Springs Preserve in Las Vegas is the right spot of nature that transports you away from the cacophony for a peaceful retreat.

Spread across more than 100 acres, this beautiful park can be your little time out from the noisy activities of the day.

So be there and maybe you girls chat on to know a lot more about yourselves.

4. Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse and be the only girls to survive.

Were you girls always the weird lot since years and not the wannabe fashionistas?

Are you the tough souls who can start a fight if needed?

And if I say you can fight zombies too.

Does your dream to be a part of the โ€˜Walking Deadโ€™ films get charged up again.

Well we have the weirdest one for you.

Las Vegas has an actual shopping paradise for Zombie haters or should I say lovers.

The madness is all stored for you to be a part of.

So go in and live those thrilling moments.

We are sure you are bringing back one of those Hello Zombie t-shirts with you.

It is said that once in Vegas life is never the same again and we wish that is exactly what your girl gang story turns out to be in the most amazingly fun way.

Keep us posted and let us know if you find any more awesome hotspots.