Experience the Thrill in the World's 5 Most Exciting Theme Parks


Pretty often we travel to enjoy the unique nature's beauty, ancient cities or taste something new, but sometimes we get fascinated by amazing human creations.

For example, amusement parks and attractions!

We are accustomed to the simplest rides, where even children are not afraid to ride along, but in the world, there are some rides which make your heart go faster just by looking at them.

So, get acquainted – here are the most exciting and the most demanding of courage attractions in the world.

1. The world's fastest rollercoaster honoring Ferrari

In Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, you can find an absolutely unique Ferrari World Abu Dhabi theme park installed after a huge red roof.

Here you can learn a lot of Ferrari’s

history, enjoy authentic Italian food and, of course, have fun on the rides.

One of the most popular - Formula Rosso.

This is the world's fastest rollercoaster, which, in just 5 seconds, develops a speed of 100 km.

But it is not the end, as the maximum speed can be even 240 km.

The ones, who would like to try this, are required to wear special glasses to avoid air particles and insects.

2. Swing over the precipice

In the city of endless adventures, Las Vegas (USA), the Stratosphere building’s roof is equipped with incredibly extreme carousels.

One of them is "Madness," which name immediately suggests that you are going to have adrenaline rush down there.

On top of the 90-floor building, you can find a special attraction crane with seating spaces, which shoots you for about 20 meters from the building, so you will be hanging over the abyss.

But then the fun just begins: people sitting sit back in open seats, while the machine rotates them upside down.

The ones who tried it says that the best time to try it is in the evening, as the city and amazingly beautiful Las Vegas hotels

all around get illuminated with lights and reveal an amazing panorama.

3. The game for brave people

At first glance, "Game for brave people" called swing in Harbin city, Heilongjiang province in China, is quite simple.

But its location is what makes shiver – it is set on a terribly high television tower.

After ascending to the top of the observation deck, you can just swing around in a while sitting on the steel seat at the edge of the platform.

This attraction is definitely not for anyone.

Despite the adrenaline and all other sensations, the attraction also offers a unique view of the city Harbin.

4. The Horror Tower

In a popular Australian amusement park "Dream World" you can find a sideshow, which can’t be called as a roller-coaster because it just takes off and takes down, but tower really gives the same amount of horror as the roller-coasters we are used to.

The rail wagon rides on a 90-degree angle and just by 7 seconds reaches more than 160 km speed.

The attraction is very popular because it allows feeling the full state of weightlessness

for about 6.5 seconds.

This is followed by a few seconds of consolation, and you've already stopped.

Visitors rise while hanging sideways on a large height.

5. Interactive Game

In Boston (USA) even those who are afraid of heights and never dare to climb to the already mentioned attractions can get some adrenaline.

Quest Tomb is an interactive game, equipped in the Pharaohs Tomb, where a group of people in the dark, has to overcome many obstacles and collect the necessary artifacts.

At any time from the top, a strong stream of water can lash out, tumble down the floor or the ceiling to fall, and so hardly visible image can disappear into a fog and so on.

During the entire game time, players are followed by Pharaoh's evil spirit, sometimes aggravating, and sometimes facilitating the task.

The whole process takes only 45 minutes, so it is necessary to do everything very quickly and keep the good team spirit.