How Much a Wedding Costs On Average


1. Wedding averages

It's interesting to look at data in any industry;

the wedding industry, worth 72$ million a year employes over a million people and has a 3.2% annual growth rate, included.

The average bride in the US of A is 25.3 years old, and the groom is 26.9 years old.

The average wedding gift costs about $100, while the average honeymoon is just over $3000.

2. Cost Breakdown - Venue

The average people spend on a venue is almost $12.000!

3. Cost Breakdown - Rings

Couples spend about $4000 on wedding and engagement rings.

4. COST Breakdown - photography and video

Almost $3000 is spent on wedding photography and videos.

5. cost breakdown - flowers and decorations

A further $1500 is spent on flowers and decorations, on average.

6. cost breakdown - entertainment

Couples spend $1389 on average on wedding entertainment.

7. Cost breakdown - rehersal dinner

Rehersal dinners aren't cheap either - typically costing just over $1000.

8. cost breakdown - wedding planner

Add another $800 or so that wedding planners cost on average, per wedding.

9. cost breakdown - invitations

Wedding invitations can be costly - they will set you back a further $800 (on average).

10. cost breakdown - gifts

Gifts usually set bride and groom to be back $700.

11. Cost breakdown - Cake

A wedding cake is an even $555 on average.

12. cost breakdown - beauty

A bride has to look her best.

To achieve this, brides spend $129 on average.

13. Cost breakdown - Catering

The cost of catering (per person) is $68 on average.

14. cost breakdown - wedding dress

The average cost of a wedding dress is a $1351, while the groom spends an average $278 on his attire.

15. Conclusion

I hope you've enjoyed the cost breakdown of weddings in the USA.

Data was gathered from JJ Suspenders Wedding infographic, which has more wedding related info worth checking out!