Reasons why women have a passion for stilettoe heels


Every lady knows that wearing stilettos heels is not good for their feet and legs' health, but why they still have a passion for heels?

Professional interpretation will be given as the following.

1. build a positive body image

Much has been said about every body shape and size being beautiful, However it is human nature to delve on the faults of one's appearance.

Wearing stilettos heels can add considerable inches to a short women's height, and take away the appearance of pudginess which is often an illusion resulting from their short height ( In fact, stilettos heels are said to have been intended by a lady who got kissed on her forehead by her beloved) on the other hand, they can make tall and petite women look a tad healthier than they actual are, thus adding balance to their overall personality.

One can choose a heel height depending on the purpose of wear and the time period for which they need to be worn.

For example, for everyday work, kitten heels are perfect.

For a date night, a ravishing pair of 6-inch stilettos might work wonders.

2. Reduce arthritic risk

stilettos heels are often undeservingly blamed for being the culprits of knee damage and joint pains. This myth propelled by a Harvard Medicial School survey of 1998 has been busted by a recent study from Warwick suffering from joint pain) admitted to wearing stilettos heels regularly. On the contrary, majority of participants who did not wear stilettos heels waer suffering from joint pain! This finding has also been suvstantiated by Dr.Christopher Walker of Royal Liverpool University Hospital saying wearing stilettos heels leads to a heightened sense of proprioception (coordination between body parts while walking). This is unlikely to cause any further arthritic changes in your knees at a later stage of aging. Most of the knee and joint damages have been found to be caused by physically demanding work, and bending in order to lift heavy objects. So if you are worried about arthritis, quit these things, don’t stop wearing your precious stilettos


Stilettos are great props for role-plays, as they evoke a Monroe-eque charm in the wearer.

The aphrodisiac quality of these high heels is undeniable.

However, they are literally proven to heighten exual pleasure.

A study by Dr.Maria Cerruto, a urologist from University of Verona located in the birthplace of stilettos-Italy, states that that wearing stilettos reduces the strain on pelvic muscles, thus exercising them in a healthy way by walking.

Women who wear stilettos daily can skip their pelvic exercises, because the higher the heels, the lesser the strain and more excercise


Another myth is that stilettos should be worn only occasionally, as they do not suit everyday wear.

Every woman should have these essential stilettos types to mix and match with their wardrobes