1. Last Saturday we had a great photoshoot for Thalassa Boom Resort Wear with Jessie Jazz Vuijk & Tim Douwsma at

For those of you who do not know Jessie and Tim, they are public figures in The Netherlands.

Jessie was crowned Miss Netherlands 2015 and represented Holland in the Miss Universe pageant of 2015 where Steve Harvey’s mega blooper (appointing the 1st runner-up instead of the winner as the Miss Universe 2015), became viral within minutes!

Jessie Jazz presently works as a professional model and is based in Amsterdam.

But Jessie is more than just a beautiful appearance;

this girl has brains and balls!

She participated recently in Expedition Robinson and she survived far longer then many of us would have!

I really like Jessie, she is a super sweet & soft individual, she loves animals and she is passionate about life!

2. Snake Hot Pink Bikini | Animal Green Bikini | Jessie being crowned Miss Netherlands ’15

Tim is an all-round entertainer.

He has presented various shows on one of Holland’s most popular television channels SBS6 and has worked for many other television channels.

Tim also had a major role in the play ‘Grease’ which toured for a year through Holland in 2016.

He recorder several singles in the past years and is about to release his next single “Dat Ding met jou” [Translated: “That thing with you”] on February 5, 2017!

And if that is not enough, he made his debut in the soon to be released Dutch movie ‘Spaak’.

He showed me the trailer yesterday night and I was amazed by his acting skills!

I will for sure hit the cinemas as soon as his movie is launched later this year.

So ‘all-round’ is no understatement if we enumerate all Tim’s endeavors!

3. Black Bralette Bikini Top & Black Skimpy Bikini Bottom | Gold Crack Triangle Bikini Top & Ruched Back Tie-side

Both have an impressive resume given their young age and they seem to be very serious when it comes to their careers.

Both are not afraid of hard work, this they have proven to us last weekend when they had to maneuver their bodies into impossible positions in the burning sun for hours in a row for our Thalassa Boom Resort Wear photo shoot.

But what I found even more impressive is their way of being and their approach to life.

First of all they both are very open and down to earth individuals.

It doesn’t seem that their popularity has affected their behavior or influenced their actions in a negative way at all.

In my and my team’s opinion they remained to be the sober Dutch individuals that we value so much.

It may sound foolish, but this makes me so proud to be Dutch!

Dutch have a tendency not to overrate anything in life and to stay ‘lekker normaal want dan doe je al gek genoeg’!

(Translated: ‘stay normal because then you are already crazy enough’) J

4. Tiger Gold Bandeau Bikini Top & Cheecky Bikini Bottom | Gold Chains Short Silk Kimono

The photo shoot was fantastic!

We had a gorgeous sunny day and both the Papagayo Beach Hotel and Papagayo Beach Club were the perfect backdrops for the many beautiful pictures we took of Jessie Jazz and Tim Douwsma.

Jessie looked absolutely stunning in my Thalassa Boom Resort Wear bikinis and cover-ups.

She loved the Brazilian cut of the sexy bikinis and she revealed that this is what she was looking for in Holland but could not find in the shops.

The ideal sexy bikini in which you look hot but yet sophisticated and in which you can get a great suntan!

5. Lunch at Papagayo Beach Club | Animal Green Triangel Bikini Top & Ruched Back Tie-sides

JESSIE & TIM: “Papagayo was a warm welcome!

It’s a beautiful place to stay and we enjoyed every single bit of it.

The people, the food and especially the beach we loved.

🙂 Our ocean view apartment was breathtaking and we loved to start our each with a cup of coffee every morning on the balcony of our hotel room.

We fell in love with Curacao again and are really sad to leave… But we will definitely be back soon!” Jessie & Tim, thank you for an amazing shoot, beautiful pictures and a great day!On behalf of Luis (our fantastic photographer), Andrea (in charge of too many things to name) & myself: It has been a pleasure getting to know you both and it was truly wonderful working with you!

The best of luck with your careers and hopefully we will see you again next year!