How to Tell the Difference Between Men and Womens' Watches


The indisputable presence of smartphones in every phase of our life has probably taken watches into the backstage, but, the enduring market of watches can’t also be ignored.

In fact, a watch is more than a timepiece.

It’s the very symbol of elegance which a smartphone can never match.

Whether it’s a men’s or ladies’ watch, the chic and the panache of a watch is simply impeccable.

Moreover, the latest trend is highly in favour of big unisex watch, but have you ever thought of those subtle things, which differentiate a man’s watch from that of a woman?

Well, here’s a look into it.

1. Size does matter

The first and foremost thing what differentiates the men’s and ladies watch is the size.

Though big unisex watches are very much into the trend, it’s true they're different from one another in terms of size and shape.

Though not necessarily a rule of thumb, men’s watches tend to be larger and heavier than the smaller and lighter watches of women


Design of a watch is extremely important and that’s one of those typical aspects that can differentiate the men’s and ladies’ watch.

The first things which is apparently noticeable in a men’s watch is that men’s watch are usually available in black, grey and steel colours, while the women’s watch come in a wide range of colour variations ( that include vibrant hues like red, purple, pink and others).

In fact, the patterned decorations in most of the chic watches are intended for women only.

3. Simplicity is the Best Adornment

The simpler is the design, most it is captivating for men.

In fact, the design trends of the men’s watch is simple and unassuming, while women’s watches are made with the intention to grab attention.

Patterns and decorations of a woman’s watch are mostly engraved with floral print or set with diamonds or rhinestones.

No wonder, such exquisite artworks make a women’s watch look distinctively elegant and precious than a man’s watch.

4. Functionality Makes the Difference

The basic difference between a man’s and a woman’s watch is their general functions, such as the calendar and stopwatch are usually available in men’s watch and not in a ladies’ stuff.

The trend says, men are more functional.

5. The weight of watch is important

Because a woman’s wrist is usually less able to bear burden most of the women’s watch is potentially less weighty.

Though the weight difference is so less that it’s mostly negligible.

Whatever it is, the elegance of watch will always found a happening market across the world.

But, what’s most amazing is that the difference between men’s and women’s watch is so negligible that hardly people can recognise it.

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