You CAN have beautiful teeth – and it doesn’t have to be painful



We all know that the best accessory to an outfit isn’t diamond earrings, but a beautiful smile – but that is often easier said than done! It’s pretty simple to find earrings that glitter and sparkle, but many of us have the misfortune of being born with teeth that simply do not want to behave, and that means that many of us our embarrassed by our smiles and try to avoid showing them off in public. Sometimes this can become so debilitating that we actually avoid going out at all. This shame or embarrassment could have come from bullying when we were younger, or a catty comment that someone made at work, or even the light hearted family joke that stopped being funny a decade ago – whatever it is, it can make a person absolutely hate their teeth, and make it almost impossible for them to go out without feeling awkward.

But we shouldn’t let our teeth rule our lives! There is so much that can be done, even for adults – or especially for adults – that can improve the look of our teeth, and many of them don’t actually take that long or require a huge amount of money! We’ve popped some ideas below of how you could completely change the way that your teeth look below:

1. Go and see a dental hygienist

Going to see a dental hygienist does not mean that you are dirty, or that you have not been brushing your teeth properly. It is actually more about removing stains from your teeth and making sure that they are completely free of any bacteria, two things that are almost impossible to do perfectly at home without professional equipment. Having your teeth professionally cleaned is not the most pleasant of things to experience, but it doesn’t hurt, and you’ll notice the difference in the way that your teeth look and feel immediately.

2. Ask about painless fillings

If one of the things that hold you back is fear of pain, then make sure that you ask your dentist about painless fillings. This new technology is starting to become more and more normal in dental surgeries, and so you may find that your dentist has been offering this to their patients for ages! The results are exactly the same as a normal filling, so you won’t compromise on the end quality, but instead of being in pain during the procedure you can just lie back and look forward to healthier teeth. This is especially important if you have been suffering with painful fillings for years for fear of the pain of a filling!

3. Look into invisible braces

They do exist, and more importantly, they have been designed for adults! There are a few different brand names that you can look into, and your dentist may have a particular recommendation depending on the current state of your teeth, but whichever one you decide to have, you’ll find that most people do not even realize that you are wearing them. They are so invisible that many people wear them to work without anyone making any comments, and the treatment only lasts a year before it is completed.

These are just three things that you can try in order to reclaim a little more confidence in your teeth, and soon you will be able to look in the mirror and smile and like what you see! You just have to make a small change in your life, and choose one, two, or all of the options above to try! You will wonder why you never did it years before.