10 Tips for Not Screwing Valentineโ€™s Day This Year


Valentine's Day!! It is meant to be the most romantic day of the year. To celebrate the feeling of love, millions of couples from all around the world look forward to this day. Thousands of tips are available which give you ideas on how to make Valentine's Day special. But most websites will not tell you what to avoid doing on that day. In an attempt to make this day extra special, most people tend to screw it up. Thus, instead of romantic memories, they are left with bitter ones. The key to a successful valentine's day venture needs both caution and a romantic mind. It is better to keep in mind the mistakes that cannot be made on this day. Along with that do listen to your heart and do the things that you think your beloved will love.

1. Make plans early (include a few surprises)

Plans need to be made early. You cannot wait till the last moment to make the big decision on your Valentine's Day plans. There is a big chance that you will end up doing something you did not want to. Say for example, a dinner reservation at your favorite restaurant! If you wait till the last day, you will end up not getting a single table for a reservation. On this day the whole world tries to be romantic and please their partners in whatever way they can. As a result pulling off the perfect date can become slightly problematic if not planned ahead. Try to add a few surprises in your plans such as recreating your first date or some special memory from your past. But whatever you do, do not forget to plan ahead because spontaneous plans are no good if they don't work out.

2. Avoid Heart Shape Gifts

Please keep this one in mind. Avoid the endless heart shaped gifts. Keep our Valentine Day gift baskets simple. Do not give your partner those heart shaped pillows, heart shaped pizzas, etc. All these are a strict 'no no'. While it may go with the valentine day theme, it only works for one day of the year. For the rest of the day this sugar-dipped gesture may not sit well with your beloved. This season is a little more creative, don't just go with the flow.

3. Shop everything before V- Day to make a dinner

If your plan is to make a special Valentine's Day dinner then plan ahead. Complete all the shopping well before time. Cooking a V-Day meal is not just about cooking food. You need to create the whole romantic ambiance for your partner and that takes both time and skills. If they are doing at the last minute, then your effort will not special enough.

4. Dress up nice

Your partner loves you just the way you are but that does not mean you won't even try to look good for him/her. Those casual clothes you wear everyday or the ones you wear for work are not meant for special occasions. Try to see the difference between the two events. Once in a while, you might have to choose style over comfort. Don't go for something that makes you super uncomfortable because it might ruin your special day. Choose a dress or an outfit beforehand which makes you look good or in which your partner likes to see you. Buy Best Valentine Day gifts from online stores and wearing the perfect outfit will definitely make her heart flutter.

5. Book a Table before the Day Arrives

Don't forget to book a table on Valentine's Day because itโ€™s possible that you can't get it. Do not gamble with booking a table on this special occasion. You may think that calling for a table on the last day might just work out but there is a big chance that it won't. You might just end up eating hot dogs from a food truck. Unless that is your big Valentine's Day plan, you should go ahead and reserve table while you still have time.

6. Be on time

Do not be late! Not on this day at least. This is a day on which you can renew your feelings or spice up the life you share with your partner. You must not begin this day on a bad note. Time plays an important role since being on time shows sincerity towards your partner. Make this day about you two and spend time together, whatever you do, do it together. It doesn't matter how late you finish your rendezvous, but do not make the other person wait before you even begin your date.

7. Leave your phone in your pocket

Try not to check your phone while you are on your date. You can take photos later or post them on social networking sites later. The world doesn't need to know how much in love you guys are in. As long as you can get your feelings across to that special person, your efforts are worth it. You can always check your phone the next day or after the date is over. Especially if you have got kids, maybe try to tune them out for one night. Let your spouse know that no matter how much time passes, the romance will stay alive between the two of you.

8. Present your feelings before the day over

Romance is really about letting the other person know how you feel about him/her. You can do that with little gestures all the time, but sometimes it is important to directly express your feelings. Just tell the person how you feel or write a heartfelt letter before the end of the day. Mention how much love has changed you and helped you to become a better person, how love makes your soul feel alive and how much you cherish these moments. While it may sound cheesy, it won't hurt you to say what you think once in a while. On the contrary, it will help strengthen your relationship.

9. Buy chocolate even she is on a diet

Chocolates for valentine's day! It doesn't matter if your girl is on a diet.. Chocolates are something that should always be on your list while you shop for valentine's day. If you are really worried about her diet, then buy dark chocolates. Because dark Chocolates are good for diet control and beautiful skin. This time around, surprise your partner by sending Chocolates for Valentine's Day. She would be full of joy just because of this gesture. Smell of chocolates and the feeling of owning that little bundle of joy which will brighten up her entire day.

10. Don't wish for Marriage proposal

Marriage Proposal!! This is the last thing you should wish for. Appreciate the effort your partner has given to make Valentine's Day special for you. Do not go on blabbering about how your friends are getting engaged or how nice the engagement ring looks on someone's finger. When the time comes, you will get your proposal as well, but this Valentine's Day may not be that day. So, do not ruin the beautiful occasion by talking about marriage proposals. Instead, enjoy the day to the fullest and create beautiful memories.