Women in Indonesia



Women are in power in Indonesia.

It is all due to increasing modernization and getting literacy.

Womenโ€™s are independent in Indonesia and they can take right decisions for their futures, their residence, their job work and for their own professional career.

Women are moving from their traditional lifestyles to modern lifestyles and taking a part in national interests to play their roles to prominent their personalities.

Women in Indonesia are strong and they have equal right with men and nicely proving their assigned duties.

Indonesian women now interested to run small scale businesses, taking investment opportunities and playing their role to support their families on behalf of their confidence and their energetic approaches.

Women hold important positions in Indonesian society and playing vital role in economic development on Indonesia.

Women of Indonesia are also working in architecture, medicine, agriculture, teaching, civil defense, sports, and engineering.

Indonesian womenโ€™s rights groups have opposed the passage of these discriminatory regulations.

The present condition of Indonesian women is string as compared with last decade.

Now women are taking interests in all fields to become the part of specific communities after getting trainings and education.

How are Women Treated in Indonesia?

Women have rights, respect and honor everywhere in Indonesia.

Anyone can their presence and their role in Indonesian economy.

Overall performance of Indonesian women is remarkable in almost every sector of life.

Tourists from rest of the world are visits Indonesia and its thousands of Islands to spend their holidays and to see the wonders of the natural beauty.

When tourists find women in Indonesia is in good condition they praise their states and their role in Indonesian society.

Government has applied many strict rules to protect women in Indonesia and law completely protects their freedom and their rights to live with piece.

Reformers, resisters and devotees show the diverse female faces of Indonesian Islam.

In some regions of Indonesia, women not considers equal with men and the rights of the women are not equal with men.

Lots of factors are behind it which creates difficulties to give equal rights for women, most of concerning issues are historical values, beliefs, religious matters, cultural backgrounds and ethical issues.

There are more correlation between culture and how they treat women/men.

How Women Status in Indonesia can be improved


The most significant women problem is security, provide them equal security and status right equal with men


Cultural limitation itself prevent them from having enough defense ability, so give them some relaxations


Freedom to choose their own future jobs and the best choices to earn profit


Gender distribution in parliament should have a specific percentage for women


Provide them education facilities to learn and read from initial level to masters levels


It is admirable that 8 from 34 ministers under president Jokowi's administration are women which is a good sign for Indonesian Women in Parliament and showing their importance and significant role to represent public support


Law and Justice for women should be improved


Control on crimes and sexual harassments in Indonesia

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