A Personalised Christmas for the Little Ones


Christmas memories are some of the most powerful we retain. We remember exactly how old we were when we got our favorite stuffed rabbit or model car. It’s so full of sensory experiences that we can call to mind a whole picture of a given morning, day, evening – the way the house smelled with all the good things cooking, the way the tree was lit, how you got mad at your 3-year-old brother for playing with your precious new toys and your mum told you to share and be nice because it was Christmas and he didn’t know any better.Now you’re grown up and choosing presents to give, so lets ensure yours are the ones they’ll long remember!

1. Present sack

Little ones love seeing a sack with their name on it under the tree, knowing all the prezzies therein are for them. Of course, if there are siblings, you can’t buy only sack!

2. Journals

Other than sweets, this is one of the best stocking stuffers. Their own journal gives them encouragement to write, to create, to draw – anything that gets them in the habit of expressing themselves. Kids generally don’t need a lot of prompting to do these things, and the journal will be a special place for their thoughts and creativity to flourish.

3. Diaries

Well suited for a spouse, good friend, or dear colleague, a personalised diary for the year to come is an incredibly charming gift. A diary will be used every day and the lucky recipient will know you put some thought into it.

4. Backpacks, accessories and name labels

Make the return to school a little easier by sending them off with a new, personalised backpack and all the trimmings – pencil box or pouch, coloured pencils and markers, sharpener and eraser. With a name on all the items, they are a bit less likely to be lost.A set of name labels, either pre-printed or blank for filling in, will top.

5. Story books

Did you know that you can order story books that can be personalised with someone’s name, with drawings that are outlined for colouring in? This is great for a quiet Christmas Day activity if the weather is inclement and the kids need to be calmed down after supper.

Children hold a little more tightly to something that is definitively theirs – a good thing in the aftermath of Christmas morning – so make sure yours are personalised.